My Story

Mom told me to "get off my grubby little ass" and tell my tail tale. How can I argue; she feeds me. Here it is.

I lived outside a small feed manufacturer plant in the south end of town. Nobody knows how I got there and I try not to remember. The receptionist that worked there liked me but I wouldn't let her get too close. A nice man who owned the business next door left me a bucket of water and a big bowl of food sometimes to make sure I didn't starve. I still ate birds and anything else I could.

I had a little brother once. We used to run the streets together until one day he disappeared. There's been alot of speculation by the humans as to what happened to him, but only I know and I don't want to talk about it because it makes me sad.

Some time passed and I met another dog. A very cute little girl that looked like a miniature German Shepherd. We became fast friends and spent all of our time together. I liked her very much. One day in June when it was very hot she came back to the lot with a white minivan following her. I watched warily as a human stepped out of the van and called to her. She ignored them which at the time I thought was a very smart thing to do. Another human got out of the white van and begin to come near us. The second human tried talking to my girlfriend, while the first one came towards me offering me something that smelled very good. I ran. Off behind the feed elevators, glancing over my shoulder once in awhile to find the human still there. Finally giving up, the human turned back.

A bit later I saw the white van again, one human in the drivers seat and the other sitting on the curb tossing biscuits and treats to my girlfriend. I got a little closer and the human spoke to me. I wouldn't take any of those treats though! The humans left to return later with bologna. My girlfriend wasn't around and the same human that sat on the curb came to me again, stopping about five feet away and tossed me a piece of meat. I took it and it tasted good. For about 30 minutes this human tossed me food, always keeping her distance and talking to me.

They were seen in my neighborhood several times that night, but in the morning there was something new. A silver cage with hot dogs in one end. Remembering that bologna, I decided the hot dog sounded good too, so I crawled in... And the door slammed shut, trapping me inside.

Oh I was mad. I barked and howled and carried on until I saw the white van pull up again. The same two humans got out and came to the cage with me inside. They picked me up cage and all and placed me in the back of the van. I was still wary but I relaxed a little and calmed down. They took me to a house and opened the cage in a fenced yard and tried to talk me out. I crept out of the cage and proceeded to try to dig under the chainlink fence. I'd never been in a fence before and if I had I couldn't remember it. The young human, who I had been calling the "Human Bologna", and whose name I learned later was 'Vixen' was upset and asked me to stop. I pulled my head back inside the fence but it got caught and my teeth were bleeding from biting the wire. Vixen pulled the fence up so I could get my head loose. She was very worried about me. She lived in a house that didn't allow dogs and the older human, "Driver" (who's name turned out to be 'Grandma') had no room and dogs of her own that wouldn't be nice to me. They wondered what to do now. Finally Vixen decided she was taking her chances and taking me home. And she did. I now call her "Mommy".

There was some talk about placing me with a family, but I made Mommy and Grandma love me and now they can't bear to part with me. They're good humans. They're my people.

P.S. My people tried for months after I came to live with them to catch my girlfriend. They tried the bologna, the hot dogs, the have-a-heart trap that brought me to them. For days on end, hours and hours, with no success. She finally seemed to disappear as well and they haven't been able to find her since. That was almost 5 years ago.


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