Walmart Fish

Pet Peeve - #18

I know everyone already likely realizes that you don't buy fish from Walmart because they're sick. If you don't know it already, consider yourself told now. And pay attention.

Walmart fish are sick. I have kind of a beta rescue thing going on in my house. For years, I've bought betas from Walmart that look like they need rescued. They all do, true, but I'm talking the ones that don't have enough water, or their little cup is cracked or filthy water, or something along those lines.

You can laugh at me if you like, but that would say far more about you than it does me.

Anyway, I went to Walmart last night with my Mom. As usual we headed to the fish section. Immediately I see two dead betas. I'm disgusted. I look through all of them, as usual, and I find one that is very obviously sick. Appears to be some sort of fungal infection; this white, cottony, slimy looking film all over his body (no, it wasn't Ick). I'm holding this cup, checking out this poor little fish and my Mom doesn't even bat an eyelash when I stick him into the cart. That's how used to me she is, huh?

So while she's over checking out the goldfish (she has sort of the same fish-rescue affliction as I do, only hers is namely feeder goldfish), I'm searching the shelves high and low for some sort of water treatment. First I find a small bottle that promises it'll cure any ailment from Ick to Protozoan Diseases. There is no mention of any fungal infection, so I throw it back to grab the Beta Revive Health Aid, specifically for betas, as you clearly see. This says to me that it "Prevents & Controls:
- Protozoan Diseases
- Bacterial Diseases
- Fungal Diseases"
I get it. I also grab a little net for him, because I know I can never use it again. I'm no fish expert for sure, but I can tell you that whatever this poor little guy has, it's so gross that I'm wanting to bathe repeatedly, just from looking at it.

Mom's still checking out the goldfish, has decided to buy a couple, and is directing the 17 year old (no way he's over 17) kid on which ones to catch in the net. She picks five.

I'm wandering around, looking at all the other sick fish they have when I spot the world's cutest goldfish. I mean really. They're probably common, but I don't care. They're the fat, rotund, black, bug-eyed, long tailed goldfish. I step up on the stool (the tanks on the top), tell the kid to get over here and catch me a fish, scan the tank for the "healthy" looking ones, and end up with two of the World's Cutest Goldfish. A copper one, and a black one. They're both little, so they're not as fat as they will be, but their eyes are still a bit buggy. I buy a big bowl to put them both in and some plants to fit in it. I never put plants in at first, because if any fish is sick, the bowl can easily be scoured, but the plants cannot.

I bring them all home, set up their bowls, goldfish first, because they appear healthy, and I don't want to risk spreading the nasty stuff, then I mix the blue beta meds into the water and add the beta. Immediately, he goes nose up tail down. I grab him out and put him back in his little cup. I followed the directions exactly, by the way, but I dumped half the water and filled it with fresh water to dilute the meds, and put the fish back in. He appears a little better than his initial nose up tail down float, and so I feed everyone (I have 4 other betas, including my Ice Age Miracle Beta) and nothing changes the rest of the time I'm up.

I get up this morning, and immediately go check my new fish. My beta is dead. My copper goldfish is alive, barely, and swimming at the top of his bowl. My black goldfish is swimming, sort of spastically (not healthy) and has a white film all over him. There is absolutely no way the white shit spread, because I was extremely careful, and unless it leapt from one bowl to the other, it's just not possible. Click on the pics to see the full size. If anyone has a clue what's wrong with the beta, let me know?

Walmart has like a 36 hour return policy, something like that. I'll be taking the beta back, of course, not because I care about the money, but because I can get another beta that needs a home. I'll take back the goldfish too if I lose them during the time frame. I'm still hoping maybe, they'll both pull through.

I knew the beta was sick, but both of the goldfish appeared healthy - and overnight both are at death's door.

Don't buy fish from walmart, people, not unless you're like me. Walmart shouldn't be selling anything living anyway, it's entirely unethical. Especially if they can't keep them healthy. Some people, who don't realize, go and get a cute little goldfish and drop it in their tank and poison all their other fish as well. A friend of mine had an entire 50 gallon tank wiped out this way.

Consider yourselves informed.


get-er-done said...

my god what ype of sickness was it?

get-er-done said...

who would do thasat

Charly Moore said...

If this goldfish was put into a bowl it died because a bowl is not adequate for a goldfish. They need at least a 10 gallon tank with proper filtration. It was already unhealthy in walmart and putting it in a bowl made it worse. Don't preach against a company when you were the one who condemned it. If you don't know how to care for an animal and don't research it, don't get it.

Vixen said...

Charly, you created an account just to lecture me about condemning WalMart? Are you paid to be their spokesman on 4 year old blog posts? Anyway, two things:
1) Yes, the fish were initially in a bowl. Why? Because my tank wasn't diseased. Logic has it that when you initially buy a fish - any fish - you segregate them for a short time, to prevent contaminating an entire tank. This was overnight. You state that "it was already unhealthy in walmart", where, my friend, it was in one of those 10 gallon tanks with 'proper filtration' you're referring to.. And it was still sick, as you said.

2) I have bought Oscars, and Plecostomus, and goldfish, and bettas, and Shovelnose catfish, and Pictus catfish, and.. are you getting the gist? I have placed them in newly erected tanks, I've placed them in bowls, I've placed them in tanks I've had running for years. Nothing that comes from Walmart survives long. "It was already unhealthy in walmart", but I'm not suppose to "preach against" the company? I didn't make it sick, Walmart did.

Walmart used to sell guinea pigs and rodents as well. They'd let them breed, and breed, until there were tons of babies running around. As you likely know due to your extensive Walmart research, some rodents eat their young. This is unethical for Walmart to allow. I also had gotten mice, guinea pigs, and even a ferret from Walmart back then - want to guess their fates? I spent a fortune on vet bills for the ferret - who had pneumonia - and I'm relatively certain wasn't born with it during a Walmart mass breeding spree.

Now I appreciate your attempting to educate me on Walmart fish, but it really is off base. And even IF I were wrong on my Walmart assessment in this blog post from 4+ years ago, who cares?

Charly Moore said...

I care. I'm not saying that walmart is a good place to buy fish.

They aren't. But for someone so 'educated' on fish, you should have known that a Goldfish needs filtered water. The ammonia that built up overnight is enough to kill it. You want to educate people? Go ahead but don't pretend like you did it a favor by putting it in a bowl. Bettas can last in bowls, and they usually do. One goldfish in a bowl can last sometimes a week. Two? That is 4 times the waste output of any fish. If you need ten times the filtration to combat that output, it means their waste output was up, very high. The ammonia from the water is what killed them. As any good fishkeeper knows, you separate new fish, but you do it in a well established quarantine tank. Not a crappy little bowl you probably just dumped some water into and threw them in. You educate people? Here is a lesson, when you get a fish, any fish, quarantine in a tank. And for goldfish, which yours were Black Moors by the way, you put them in at least 10 gallons with a good filter. If you think they are diseased? Put some aquarium salt in it and raise the salinity to .2%, not some random medication. And I have my own blogger, I just have spam accounts to weed out the crap from random websites. 4+ years ago, the proper care of fish hasn't changed.

And that white coating? Probably ammonia rotting his scales.

Consider yourself informed.

Vixen said...

Of course you care. You created spam accounts to weed out crap and use them to scour other sites years-ago-posts. How did you find this post anyway? Not that it really matters aside from being a little trollish. I'm not interested in some ass-crappy scientific lesson on the best way to keep an already sick fish.. or two.. or ten, actually.

"Educated on fish".. You'll note that when I said this, "They're the fat, rotund, black, bug-eyed, long tailed goldfish." and this, "I'm no fish expert for sure", this kinda says I don't claim to be an expert, yes? So let's pretend that every living thing I've ever bought from Walmart hasn't died (regardless of whether it was in a bowl, a tank, a cage) and we'll say I'm the common public (which is debatable). Do you think Walmart should be selling fish to the common public if they're incapable of educating them? Do most people (aside from trolls with argumentative hobbies) know about .2% salinity and specified fish medication? No.

And I'm no fish expert (repeat, again: no fish expert, as noted) - but it's rather likely that if the fish were already sick (which you've agreed was the case) the chances of saving them, even in the correct tank or set-up was nil. Why? Because they were Walmart fish and inherently ill, as are all of the fish that come from Walmart, and sometimes even the best of intention ends badly. And believe it or not, sometimes people just do the best they can do.

My post wasn't intended to "educate" anyone on fish care. My post was intended to "inform" people that Walmart isn't the place to buy fish. Again, nowhere did I state I was a fish expert. So if you're gonna respond with some oh-you're-super-smart fish care comment, it'll be wasted. Even if you know fish - short of a google search - your comprehension is lacking if you continue to miss the entire point of my post.