A Bit of Encouragement

Senate Approves Animal Cruelty Bill

TOPEKA - Senators were unanimous Thursday in their desire to see deliberate killing, maiming or torturing of animals become a felony. (Previously, KS was one of only 6 or so states where animal cruelty is a misdemeanor.)

Their 40-0 vote sent a bill rewriting the law against cruelty to animals to the House.

Humane societies and pet lovers have been pushing for a change in the law for years, at first inspired by the case of Scruffy, a Yorkshire Terrier beaten and burned to death in Kansas City, Kan., in 1997.

Interest intensified this year because of the death in August of Magnum, a mixed-breed pupp found in a Wichita trash bin, wrapped in wire with cuts, a broken leg, and chemical burns. Magnum died of his injuries.

Supporters said making animal cruelty a felony sends a message that the state treats the crime seriously. In the past, there has been opposition to the idea because the typical punishment for a low-level felony is probation. But the bill, in addition to making the crime a felony, mandates a 30-day jail term for anyone who intentionally kills or causes great pain, suffering or injury to an animal.

Some trouble is expected when it reaches the House, but first things first.

Secondly, I had my evaluation today. I got my raise, and my insurance paperwork, which kicks in on the 1st.


JDV said...

That's great about the politicians finally realizing that animal cruelty is a felony. There should be stiff punishment for it. Actually, you know my take, I feel that offenders should be tortured the exact way that they tortured the animal.

Congrats on the raise and the insurance kicking in, but more importantly congrats on not killing any of those catty bitches.

NiteRydar said...

Well its about time you got the raise, they must have learned to playnice with ya.

We might be hil billies but damnit atleast we like our animals.

Christie said...


tj metal said...

First, congratulations on the work front, amazingly it seems like things are calming down on that front at least...

Secondly it's about time that officials start realising that animal cruely should be a felony.. I think they should also impose penalties relative to those of murder, assault or otherwise hurting humans to animal abusers as well..

Have a great day