Coming to Terms With

My dog is incorrigible. My dog will always be incorrigible. I have this new pair of gloves that I bought at a work fair a couple months back. They're orange, purple, and pink, all bright, and all soft and fuzzy. I love them. I wore them this morning because the temperatures here have hit subzero (close enough!) I come home after work, put the Mutt's clothes on and in the process of fastening his collar, the little shit tried to steal my gloves from right off my hands. As I type he's trying to figure out a way to get them off of the diningroom table without me noticing.

In other news, I still hate my job. Yesterday was my 90th day and nobody even threw me a party. Yes, I deserved a fucking party seeing as when I was there for a week and a half there were bets running that I wouldn't make it two weeks. I'm still the most vehemently disliked. I think I prefer it that way, makes me feel superior.


tj metal said...

I threw a party for you over here and boy we all had a great time....kidding, I worked till like 10:00 last night..

My headache on the other hand feels like I did have a party...

Take care & have a great day,


NiteRydar said...

That was a great party if I do say so myself.

Keep up the good work, theyhate you cause you are better looking and just a whole lot smater then they.

Now the dog, you should go buy him a pair so he doesnt feel all left out and all.