Doggy E.R.

I came home from work yesterday and took the Mutt outside as always. He trotted around the yard sniffing everything because where he chooses to potty is very serious business. Long, gross story short, Muttley had blood in his poo. We called the emergency vet and they said that usually when that happens, they get very sick very quickly but as long as he wasn't vomiting that he could wait till morning. My baby was sick (altho he acted perfectly normal... as normal as he ever acts) hell yes he was going to E.R. We speed him out there and throw his little ass on the table when the doctor comes in and the damn dog freaks out and tries to jump off the table. My Mother was having trouble holding his bony little butt up there. He embarrassed his people. We left with a bottle of antibiotics and an anti-diarrheal pill, one grubby little pooch, and a $128 bill ($73 of which was the emergency call). The Dingo dog was unable to eat last night but I woke up this morning to find a tube of strawberry chapstick on the floor half eaten. He had gotten it off my diningroom table while I was sleeping. He slept with me all night though (except when he was stealing chapstick), and was stretched out by my side when I woke up this morning. He ate his allotted 1/4 of a can before I went to work and took his antibiotic in a meatball. His Grandma fed him another 1/4 of a can for lunch, and I gave him another after work. He gets the rest of the can complete with his antibiotic around 8 this evening. He still doesn't act the least bit sick.


JDV said...

Well, he seems to be in good spirits. I would have doen the same thing on an E.R. table.I am sure I am much harder to hold down too.

Seriously, it's good to hear that he is feeling OK. Whatever it was, it doesn't seem to have an affect on his appetite. He ate chapstick, have you ever tasted chapstick?

Good to know he is taking his antibiotics like a good little boy too.

Vixen said...

I ate a whole tube of chocolate chapstick when I was 3. I don't remember what it tasted like really but it clearly didn't do too much damage.

JDV said...

Not too much damage, I don't reckon.

Is it just me or did that sound incredibly hick?

Christie said...

ooh! Hope he gets better soon

sophie said...

Sick pets are sp hard to deal with. Glad he isn't acting sick. My last dog who had a "blood in poo" issue ended up very, very sick before he got better. Glad you caught it early.

The Kept Woman said...

What I don't understand is how is it that when animals are sick they can't eat real food yet things like Chapstick appeal to them?

Must be like toast for us when we're sick.

Hope he's feeling better soon!

Vixen said...

Thanks folks. This damn dog is my baby. I don't know what I'd do if he ever got really sick.

I noticed he had the same poo issue this morning (note 3-08 post). He's off to the doggy doc again tomorrow afternoon.