Le Ping

Let me first explain the Ping. The Ping is my nerves pinging. That's the best way to describe how it feels. When something really annoys me or pisses me off I get this pinging feeling like something plucking at my nerves. No, not twang, Ping. I finally put the word to it and instead of ripping faces off I Ping. If that makes sense. If not, fuck it. So if I'm ever seen or heard talking about the Ping it's a forewarning to steer clear or get hurt.

Welcome my newest tenant blog, The Original Pointless Banter. I confess, it was the discussion of women in see-thru dresses that sold me. Get yer asses over there straight away. Or face the Ping.

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kp2575 said...

Ugh I had to use my blogger account for my non existant blogger site.

But thanks for the kind words about my page... Women half naked are always good.

Just back tomorrow for more half naked women... Usually I don't post a lot of half naked women. Maybe it is a trend.