My Latest Purchase

Weenie Babies

I have hereby ordered Vinnie da Stallion, Beefy the Bull, Pepe the Pig, Slow Poke the Turtle, and Teddy Bare. I couldn't help myself. Here's the Uncensored View, although not all are on it.


tj metal said...

I am scared to look cuz I'm at work, so I'll have to check out your new toys later..

Have a great day,


Alex said...

I am stealing this link for my blog. Just try and stop me. You'll never take me alive, coppers! You'll be sleepin' with the fishes, see! I love you; always have. We're gonna need a bigger boat! Red rum! Red rum! Are you not entertained? No, he's a pirate!

...dear gods! I nearly trapped myself in an endless movie quote loop. I am just lucky that Pirates of the Caribbean was such a horseshit movie that it kicked me back into reality.

~*~LostSoul~*~ said...

OMG ... those weenies are so .... cute and errr ... no words to describe 'em ...hahaha

NiteRydar said...

The fetish is moving to small soft plushy animal with cock and balls, how dare they take a innocent childs toy and turn it into some freakish perversion. All kidding aside, it should look just lovely with it in the mutts mouth, hey maybe you can put a lamp shade on it.