Another Day

My Muttley has the same little problem again. I noticed this morning. I went ahead and went to work because he seemed fine and called Mom shortly after I got there to ask her to make him another doctor's appointment for tomorrow. The vet she talked to said it was probably just an abundance of bacteria and he's to go back on bland food and antibiotics for another 2 weeks. She also said he could have developed a food allergy... Or.. they wanted to start looking into internal problems like inflammatory bowel disease or intestinal cancer. We're not even considering thinking about that yet. So tomorrow he has an appointment at 1 p.m. and I'm making Mom come with us again so she can help handle the little psycho. I'm worried about my fur-baby.

I went upstairs this afternoon after lunch to visit Rydar's Grandma in the hospital (hip surgery.) I thought I'd never escape. It's only the second time I've met her and so we had to talk about my family (who used to live right across the street from his family) and soy meat, and their grandson and how I made him cook for me last night. About 6 years ago, when I first met Rydar my family flipped out when they heard his last name, and when he mentioned mine to his family he was met with silence. I guess our families didn't get along too well ("fought like cats and dogs" - his Grandma).

Well I'm off, I need to go home and see my fur-baby.


JDV said...

I'm sure the little guy just has some pesky bacteria.I wouldn't want to be around when you break the news to him that he has to take more antibiotics though.

Tell Nite I said I hope his Grandma is feeling better.

NiteRydar said...

That damn dog doesnt he know that you are now going to have to work overtime to take him to the Doc. You need to make him get a job. I really hope he is okay I dont think there is anything major, just the same shit he has battled before.

Thanks for going up and checking on my Grandma, I know it meant a lot to her. Btw whats in the past is in the past, everyone is all grown up and all the hard feelings should be gone (I hope). I wss a bit nervous at they reaction we got too, but look at us now.

Any I am off, cya at lunch, maybe.

tj metal said...

Take care of that little guy, I'm sure it's nothing serious.. I'm thinking though he might be cranky about the bland food, I know I would be...

I'll actually second the job motion as well, maybe we could sell him as an exercise tool, let people get their exercise by walking (or running) after him...what do you think?

Take care of yourself Vix & we'll talk soon.