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My update -

Dear Faithful Followers (I can see the line forming now. Right? Right?!?),

Sorry I haven't been around. But here's why:
Monday - I went back to work after the weekend off with my back hurting pretty bad. I made a Dr. appointment for noon and went to it, getting my yearly exam done at the same appointment. My doctor poked and prodded around my spine and hip before telling me she has no idea what's causing my pain. She thinks it's musculo-skeletal (or whatever) instead of some internal organ. She made me an appointment for a pelvic CT scan on Tuesday morning, saying I should consider seeing a Chiropractor to see what they think. Back to work I go, back to a boring albeit a bit painful day. I can't drink anything carbonated after noon on Monday and can't eat or drink anything at all after midnight to prepare for the scan. I went to work in the morning like a good little model employee and went to my appointment at 10:15. Shortly after I get there the doc comes out, hands me a glass of white vanilla chalk and tells me to drink it and wait 30 minutes. I don't know if it really tasted alright or if it was because it's the first thing I had been able to drink. Thirty minutes later he brings me in, hands me another vanilla chalk glass, asks me if I have a bellybutton or nipple ring and/or if I'm wearing an underwire bra, then lays me on a table on my back with my knees propped up. A few scans later he comes over, sticks an IV in my inner elbow and loads me full of iodine. He tells me it'll feel pretty warm and depending on where I am in my menstrual cycle it may feel like I've peed my pants. "It's not happening" he said quickly, "but it may feel like it". I guess he saw the look on my face. Sure enough it was warm, felt like my stomach was boiling and it gave me a pressure headache (and for some reason hot flashes for the next two days). The rest of the visit was uneventful aside from me almost passing out when I tried to stand up from the table. He told me to drink lots of water for the next couple hours because "iodine's warm going in and burns coming out". Something else to look forward to. Speaking of something to look forward to, I later find out I probably drank Barium, which turns into concrete in your intestines. *sigh*
Back to another uneventful day at work, aside from everyone being pissy at me for not being there. I'm going to call this afternoon to see if my results are in, because Doc's off Friday thru Sunday and I'll have to wait till Monday. I'm not expecting to know before Monday anyway.

My Great Grandma isn't in the best of shape. We don't know if she had a mini-stroke or what, but her mind's not working very well. Just about overnight too. She forgets to let the dog in from pottying late at night (mom found him outside in the rain, drenched), and when we went over at lunch on Tuesday she had taken her pills (in one of those little daily box things) and was going to take more. I tried to explain to her that it was Tuesday, and she'd already taken them but she wanted to take Wednesdays anyway. We finally had to take her pills with us to make sure she didn't. She's called my Mom every morning at 6:30 for years, and she quit calling the past week and when Mom says "you didn't call me" she said "was I supposed to?" She's been doing it for years. Last night when Mom was there, she didn't even know who she was. Kept asking her if "Joan left" and when Mom said "no, I'm still here" she said "she left without even saying goodbye" and laughed. We're not certain she's feeding her birds, but it looks like they're being fed. My Grandma (Mom's mom) is going to try to find out about home health care. The idea of a nursing home just isn't bearable. I lived with my Great Grandma and Mom from the time we moved here for about 14 years. So I grew up with her.

There's alot of junk in G. Grandma's basement that we're hiring one of those huge dumpsters to throw it all away in. We'll get it Saturday and have it thru next Sunday. That's going to monopolize some time. Rydar's agreed to help though, which means most of it will finally get thrown away.

My Dingo just finished his two week run of antibiotics today, but he has to stay on bland food for the next two weeks. He's not amused. Poor little boy. He thinks he's starving. I assure you all, he's not.

I went shopping yesterday, spent entirely too much money. Bought Spinach Nuggets. If you ever have the opportunity to buy spinach nuggets, take it. They're pretty spiffy. I'm considering going to buy them out this evening. Also Asiago Italian Herb French Bread. Take my word for it. Lets see.. What else have I found lately worth mentioning. Pomegranate Juice. It tastes alot like Elderberry. I tried the original flavor, but there's cherry and blueberry too. It's expensive, but if it does what it says, worth it.

When it snowed here a few days ago, one of our hospitals EMTs rolled her truck on the way in to work. They dispatched EMS to find that it was one of their own. You know they were cursing her the whole way to the accident for their being shorthanded. I can't imagine being called to a wreck to find it was one of my own. They took her in, she's fine, they sent her home, and she was back to work the very next day.

I know, I'm rambling. I'll try to post more.



AnthonyLemons said...

Great blog. spinach nuggets? Never heard of them.

JDV said...

I'm sorry to hear that about your Great Grandma, it does not need to be said but you know im here for anything you need.

Vixen said...



NiteRydar said...

the doc was very interested in your piercings, i bet he didnt ask if your clit was pierced. So you didnt pee oyur pants, well thats good. Iodine all around scares me with all its side effects that i have heard of and in science class they always said it was a posion of some kind.

Poor Granny, we know it was coming but you never expect it. You summed it up best when you said that you always thought she would be around cause you dont know any different. My great grandmother had 24 hour home nursing when started to slip, I think it was for the best she has always been very independent.

You can always count on me may not be able to afford me but I will always be there to clean out the junk.

Dingo couldnt starve even if he wanted to. I still cant believe he likes plain white rice. That damn dog, quirky little shit.

The bread and the nuggets, very tasty the nuggets need cheese, but dont listen to me I put cheese on every little thing lately. The juice on the over hand was bitter and sour at the same time, didnt think nature could pull that off in one fruit.

The Emt thing would be hard for anyone, I couldnt imagine being called out to your parents or friends house and have to deal with that.

Alright thats enough comments for one day later.

Vixen said...

I'm so used to being able to fix things one way or another. And there's nothing anyone can do for her. That's the really hard part. She's in her 90's but has always been in really good health. None of us saw it coming I don't think, regardless of how rational it is. And overnight like it has been. I imagine we're all kind of at a loss. I know I am. The helpless feeling is the worst feeling in the world.

Kat said...

hang in there....

adding you to my blogroll so i can come back

tj metal said...

Hey Vix,

Sorry to hear about G-Gramma, I really hope she can overcome this, I know this is a hard time for you but you do know, if you ever need to talk - really just let me know.. sometimes it does help..

As for the pup, I think you have to be the last person in the world that anyone could even possibly imagine being mean to a poor little puppy.. scoober maybe but dingo never..

Anyways take care and I'm wishing you and your family all the best..

Dramedy Girl said...

Hi there. I'm new to your blog, but wanted to say hello. I'm so sorry to hear about your G-Grandma. It's hard when the people you know and love start to have cognitive problems. Could she be having mild TIAs? I hope her doctors can help and hopefully this is a temorary situation for her.

All my best!

Rocky Jay said...

And I thought POM was a rootbeer? Go figure.