Furry Lobsters?


Awww.. It's just the cutest little thing.

The Muttley went to the vet just a bit ago and before he went he had to potty - and there was no blood. So we take him anyway and talk to the doctor who tells us to try the antibiotics again for a couple weeks along with a bland diet and if it happens again to bring him in for testing. Once again the dog embarrassed his people, this time by no real fault of his own. I know the vet thinks we're overreacting freaks.

I got my Weenie Buddies yesterday. I'll take pictures as soon as I can. I gave one to my Mom this afternoon. At first she was just puzzled, then she started to laugh. Then said "I can't even take this to work to show them!" because she works with a bunch of moronic men who'd never let her forget she had a stuffed animal with a penis.

Welcome to my newest tenant, Meagan from Adventures in Everyday Life. It was a very tough choice this time, but ultimately I'm a sucker for superheroes and dastardly handsome dogs. Get on over there folks, it's definitely a worthwhile read. Move it!

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NiteRydar said...

Poor Dingos people. Those weenie buddies is something you have to see in person to fully understand them. I was shocked. I knew your mum would luv it.

Welcome, Adventures in Everyday Life, enjoy your stay with us.

Anywho, off for now.