The Homies

I realize I've mentioned various folks from my job, but I don't think I've been very responsible about making you all understand the full story. I know you all want to know, so I'm going to do so now as I'll be adding them to my "Cast of Characters" list as well. I find it much easier to talk about these people if I can ever recall what I nicknamed them in the first place. This list is originally part of the "Work Circus" list. I've decided to seperate them out for ease.

Sy - Works in the laundry department. Not particulary friendly, but she likes me and I like her as well as the fact that she's not friendly.

Loco - The crazy one. Need say no more.

Pam - Also in the laundry department. Fairly quiet and calm, but when she does get upset, it's time to take cover because by the time she gets mad she's seriously pissed. Pam, Sy, and Loco are my *Homies*.

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