I've Been Brutalized

"Um… template… it’s really… I don’t know, I don’t like it. Aside from the retina-searing combination of dark gray and bright red, it just seems a little bit too… trying-too-hard for me. And don’t even get me started on the sidebar - “Blogs of Note”, “Awesome Links”, Wishlist and I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many buttons and blinkies - it’s a fucking mess.

The writing… I don’t know, the stuff she actually writes is decent, but her posts are few and far between, there’s way more memes and cut and pasted animal rescue stuff (which, don’t get me wrong, is cool as hell, I respect anyone who does anything for animal rescue).

Honestly, I don’t know what my problem is with this blog… I think maybe it’s the template - the template looks all feminist and riot grrrl, but it doesn’t match the writing… Do you people see the importance of a good template now? I might have given this one more points if not for the icky template that made me want to immediately leave the page.

Constructive criticism? Get a new template, clean up your sidebar, cut down on the memes and write more original stuff, please. (see how I was being nice there? I really wanted to like her, I did)"

On some points I agree with the wicked bitch, but there's a point or two that I think she's full of shit. For example, you'll notice the "I got smacked" button that is now located in my fucking mess of a sidebar, yes? Well why are buttons created for the purpose of display if using them makes sidebars "fucking messes"? Just curious. Oh I agree it's a fucking mess alright, what I don't agree with is making buttons (and offering them on your blog, as is on IT2M) then bitching when they're utilized. I will consider taking this advice to heart.

I am deeply moved that she requested I write more original stuff (and she even said please, not bad for a nasty shrew, eh?) as my writing is decent. I got a warm fuzzy. No really, I did. Unfortunately, vicious man-eating wild animals are warm and fuzzy as well, right before they tear your head off.

I don't follow the "template doesn't match the writing" comment, but that's ok because attempting to put up a front that just isn't me is retarded seeing as I'm perfectly content with myself the way I am. I like weaponry, and mean things, and fuzzy critters and even the occassional daisy stalking butterfly. Blah. I'm me. This particular advice is flaky. Next..

I really wanted to like you too, Sweetpea. And I do. I think you're catty and bitter, but I happen to like that in a woman. Now you just need to work on your sense of taste...


JDV said...

The theme meets your personality perfectly. That's all I am saying right now but I reserve the right to use my pen later.

The Bytch said...

I adore your theme! I think it rocks! I bounce between cute/evil myself,...There is nothing wrong with toon bunnies dressed like strippers wielding automatic weapons & hunting politicians! & I like your writing,..so *hug* screw the critics luv,..you're uniquely you or why would we bother to read you?

NiteRydar said...

I like it and all the meme's too, it seems fitting to your personality and your writing, so yeah my opinion is all that matters anyway.