The Work Circus

I realize I've mentioned various folks from my job, but I don't think I've been very responsible about making you all understand the full story. I know you all want to know, so I'm going to do so now as I'll be adding them to my "Cast of Characters" list as well. I find it much easier to talk about these people if I can ever recall what I nicknamed them in the first place.

Jm - Ex- Boss Dude

Pis Aller - Pis Aller definition. Boss Dude’s nowhere near up to par replacement. I'll give her a decent chance though.

Toadie - Another housekeeping Lead. Older woman. Means well, but rumor has it her brain is slipping. Along with Cluck, both are very powermad and think they're spiffy shit because they've achieved supervisor status in a housekeeping environment. {Retired}

Cluck - One of the housekeeping "Leads" (supervisors). She's very submissive to men and particularly chicken-ass. I have great fun in tormenting her.

Hitler - Housekeeping Lead. Ugly. I mean really homely looking. Rumor has it she has an abusive husband. I haven't seen nor heard anything personally to support this theory. She has a sickly sweet voice that makes you want to tear her head off because you know she's being hateful when she uses it. Ugly.

Hermann Goring - Newest Housekeeping Lead. She was just trained by Hitler. So far she seems akin to Hitler.

Bones - Ex - Boss Dude's pet. Extremely skinny. Has Adult ADD and I'd swear she's borderline retarded. I can't stand her voice.

Chatty Fatty - Gossiping, beachball physiqued, red-headed, backstabbing shrew. Loud and obnoxious and will repeat herself until she's convinced you're listening to her. Hates *Cs* with a passion

Cs - Unintelligent woman. Very much so. Married to a man named Dick. I like her pretty well but most don't. A prime target for gossip. Sy, Pam and I defend her. {No longer works for the hospital - Fired}

Shamu - I hate to offend the whale but I'm unable to think of what to call her at the moment. Another very large woman. Two mixed race kids, and an obsession with black men. Shamu is very bossy and an out and out a bitch.

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