As Promised

We had the Heating and A/C guy over this morning to check out the A/C before turning it on this season. Mom came over for lunch at the same time, and the Mutt was locked in the bedroom where he barked tirelessly and started scratching the door. I was terrified of my bill, but he found nothing wrong with my heater nor my air conditioner and charged me only $46 for the call with $4 off for paying the same day. He had a nice smile. Also a wedding ring, a wife, and two little girls. Not that I was going to jump him or anything but I always check for wedding rings on everyone I meet. It's a habit I guess. The Mutt won't get toasty locked up in the bedroom this summer, so he's happy.

The Dingo - He's doing fine. We had an episode of gross poo late last week and they ran a Giardia test which came back negative. Everything seems ok now. He's still on a bland diet but we're mixing his plain food with his usual dry food so he's a little happier. He can't have chicken, or anything *good* yet. We're working things in slowly to rule out a food allergy. He was eating white rice, but has since decided it's not good enough for his sensitive little palate. In a week and a half, we're entering the plain boiled chicken into the equation. Wish him luck, he loves his chicken.

If he continues to have stomach problems, the next tests are more invasive and to check for inflammatory bowel disease and cancers. We're hoping it doesn't get that far.

Great Grandma - We finished cleaning out the back bedroom and basement. Ok, ok, so Rydar did really. *sigh* My hero. Yep. I *unfortunately* had to work two of the weekends. Granny had a doctor's appointment today. We haven't heard any news yet but are afraid a nursing home is the recommendation. I'll post up if anything is new.

My job is alright. Jm called me to his office last week to tell me there was an opening in Admissions. He had talked to the director and told her he had someone who was interested and she asked him to tell me to file the paperwork. So I trot on down to Human Resources and they inform me I have to be there 6 months. Now, we all knew that, but by the time the paperwork goes thru, the interview, actually getting the job, and the two week notice to Jm it will be May 15th, which is my 6th month. I went back and told Jm he couldn't get rid of me that easily, to which he replied "oh I don't know about that." Haha. "Let me see what I can do." I haven't heard back yet and probably won't till at least Friday because he's out of the office most of the week for meetings. If I don't get it this round, I'm sure he'll throw me out there next time. Either way, I didn't mention it, he did it all on his own. Either he's really trying to get rid of me or he is as he said "trying to help" me.

The girl I mentioned previously that quit, we'll call her Kat. I ran into her uncle the other day, Friday I believe, and talked to him for entirely too long. Supposedly she hasn't been in touch with any of her family and he wants me to call and tell her to call him. Of course I didn't give him her number because it's really strange to me that a member of her family that "cares so much" doesn't already have it. I told him I'd call her. I haven't yet. I need to, I miss talking to her.

I just went to the kitchen to find munchies and I opened the lower drawer with the canned goods to find a huge beetle. Seriously, it was huge. Like ___________________ < this big. No shit. As I stared in horror it started to slowly crawl up into my counter. I had an epiphany. THIS is what men are for!! Now where is one when I need one? Probably out with the "boys", lost after refusing to ask directions, watching sports, or jerking off to cheap centerfold porn. Typical.
So about the beetle you ask? It's still there. Are you crazy? I'm not getting near the fucking thing! No way no how.

I believe I'm updated out. My life is so dull, I know. Where is everyone anyway? I'll bet everyone quit reading me in my absence huh? Bastards.


tj metal said...

we would never quit looking for your updates, I know your busy and am glad to hear that all is relatively well.. Tell Nite to get over there and kill all the damn bugs..

Thanks for the update and I'm sure we'll all get back on board sometime soon..

NiteRydar said...

So the HVAC guy had your attention, I can tell you this he doesnt make much or ever will if he stays with that company.

Dingo is getting sick because you dont beat him near enough, nope not even close.

You planned that working thing pretty fucking well. Now if i come down with the Hantavirus you better be expecting to take care of me.

Hey I dont jerk off that much to cheap mags, they usually dont have any good shit. Ha Ha its just a bug kill it or set it free.

I am not in hiding, I just dont have much time right now and you know that.

Vixen said...

It's not "just a bug" you prick. It's a mutant demon beetle.

Wicked Roy said...

No self respecting man asks for directions. I like your style though and watch out for those killer bugs.