Boss's Pet

I wore a 30 year hospital logo t-shirt to work today. I asked last week what days we could wear them instead of our scrubs and was told Wednesday and Fridays. So I wear the gray and dark blue one today (I have a red one too) and the anorexic bitch (I'll refer to her as Bones from this point on) throws a fit because she was told we could only wear the polo shirts, and "if she can do it, so can I". I ignored her. Later on, I asked the Lead (who I only get along with half the time) if Bones was complaining about my shirt this morning. Yes she said and laughed. She explained that everyone was told it had to be a polo and not a t-shirt. I saw Jm several times today and not once did he mention what I was wearing. I told her when he said something, I'd stop wearing it, but until then that was just tough. She went on to tell me how Bones always bitches about how I "get by with everything because Jm likes" me better than "everyone else". Now for starters, Bones is Jm's little pet. He lets her do whatever she wants. Well now Bones thinks I'm his little pet. I'm not entirely sure what it is I allegedly get by with all the time, but I would like to know as if I'm getting by with it, why the hell aren't I doing it? Bones is clearly jealous as all hell. Sure, I talk to Jm, he talks to me, but he's my boss so of course we talk. Everyone talks to him. He does pull me aside to tell me jokes though, and he makes fun of me every chance he gets.. I assumed he did it to everyone, but maybe not. Whatever the reason, it seems Bones isn't the only one that thinks this.
One of the laundry people (Sy, I've mentioned her before) was fucking around when I told her the story and asked me, "are you going to be the next one under Jm's desk?" I told her "no, there's no way I'd duck under a desk with Bones." I think by now I'd have gone off on one or more of these degenerates if it wasn't for my 'Homies' in laundry.

Then there's another housekeeping cunt (we'll call her Tubby) who's shorter than I am (5'2) and built like an overinflated beach ball. She has frizzy red hair, glasses, and a mouth that could swallow Jonah's Whale. She talks and talks and not a word that comes out of her mouth is the truth. If you try to get away she follows you and repeats herself until you acknowledge what she said. She asked me about a week after I started if I had "learned who I couldn't trust yet" to which I replied simply, "yeah, you." Anyway, the Lead told me also today that Tubby made a comment about my hair "her hair's RED!" What does that mean anyway? Now mine's like a mahogany, and hers is that hideous natural flaming orangish color, but still her hair's fucking red! Stupid bitch. Another day in paradise. Actually, the more they're gunning for me, the more I'm enjoying my job. I may have to stick around there. Am I weird?

I went shopping after work and bought frozen broccoli. I put the grocery bag on the kitchen floor to put things away and while I wasn't paying attention the Dingo came in, grabbed a frozen bag of broccoli and ran. I screamed at him and Grandma and I chased him around the house. I grabbed his skinny little ass under the arms and held him up on his hind legs so Grandma could pry the bag out of his yap. He had a death grip. Couple moments of this and frozen broccoli flew everywhere. I threatened him with his life, took the ruined plastic bag and started to pick up the broccoli. When he saw I was doing this he bolted into the kitchen to grab a bag of frozen mixed veggies. I managed to catch him in the kitchen doorway. Grandma's laughing tipped me off.

I have tomorrow off and not a moment too soon. Ah, the joy of sleeping in...

Hommmmework. Shit.

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tj metal said...

hey girl, nice to see you at it again, how's everything going?

anyways to retaliate:

1. the muttley is still the cutest thing sinced sliced bread and you know it... besides if he didn't do these nasty things we'd have nothing to write about..

2. red hair is perfect and orange should stay on Ronald McDonald... the gals you work with seem like bitter, whiny little you know whats..

3. Finally if being the bosses pet gets you into a better department with somewhat normal people and more money - more power to you...

4. ok maybe that wasn't the final one - if you would've taken the full time job we could've started chatting again... I'm so hurt that I wasn't factored into your decision making...

That's all for now, I hope all is well and maybe we'll talk soon.. Take care & have a great day,