All About About Me

Everything you never wanted to know in the first place. And then some. If you get repeats, so be it.

I do my best to keep it random ;)

{Edited & Updated January 03 - 2008}


I like animals better than people.

I was born in what is now one of the largest cities in Kansas.

My ex-boyfriend lived 2 blocks west of me all through school and we never knew it.

When I asked said ex if I should add anything to this list he said "seeks approval" and when I said that I do not, he added "denial".

I'm in denial that I seek approval.

I collect any and all things phallic related.

I'm terrified of cockroaches.

..and growing old.

I bought my first house at the age of 28.

I am a Scorpio. In every sense of the word.

I have been engaged three times, but never married.

I don't have, nor really want children.

Black, purple, green, and brown are my favorite colors. I also am beginning to like pink

I used to have legless lizards. They are simply awesome.

August ’05 I gave up chocolate, caffeine (except tea), and greasy foods. (This lasted about a year)

Feb. ‘05 I quit smoking.

I have a back fetish. Don't ask me to explain that because I can't. Send me pictures and I'll certainly tell you how you rate though.

My birth date is the 17th.

I have a crush on Gina Gershon.

I wear shoe size 5 1/2-6 in women’s and 4 in men’s.

I hate gold jewelry unless it's white.

My favorite sleeping spot is a big brown chair.

I don't (or haven't yet) used any of the phallic objects I collect.

Scoober (Rydar's cat) is my archenemy.

I'm mentioned in a Slipknot song (Hard to say what caught my attention - Vixen crazy, Aphid Attraction - Carve my name in my face, to recognize - Such a pheromone cult to terrorize)Well sorta. *Grin*

I hate rap music.

I love tarantulas.

I'm honest to the point of brutality.

I have Pernicious Anemia and get B12 shots monthly.

My favorite food is chinese.

I can't stand boring people.

I attempted to save a turtle once in the middle of a dirt road but it ran when it saw me. Yes, I said ran.

I used to bite my fingernails.

My dog has more toys than I did as a child.

I regret not going to college sooner.

I'm very close to my Mom but we fight viciously.

I love Candlebox and my absolute favorite song of theirs is Rain.

I'm naturally blond. I think.

Photography is one of my not-enough-time-for pasttimes.

Rydar and I used to take "road trips" and take pictures in the middle of the night. I have a photo album full.

I've been to Climax Kansas.

I believe in telepathy.

I find shopping therapeutic. Therefore, I spend too much money.

I have been in jail.

I have insecurities, but hide them pretty well.

I have three body pillows. One with a velvet velour pillowcase, one pink, and the other is leopard print.

I believe in a God/ess. I don't pretend to know what is religiously "right" or "wrong" or what happens after death.

"Suffer depression" isn't the right phrase. But I take Prozac. (Now Celexa. In fact, today is Day 1 of Celexa, which is likely why I have the energy to do this.)

Puppies make me stoopid. They're so keyoooot.

I'm a clothing klepto. I constantly "borrow" clothes. But I rarely return them and never without being threatened.

I have a chicken pox scar in the middle of my forehead.

My liquor of choice is Vodka. I also like Old English.

I have expensive tastes but rarely buy such things for myself.

Politics bore me senseless.

I can't brush my teeth in front of anyone. I need my tooth brushing privacy.

I had a 4 layer chocolate and strawberry torte once my Mom made that was hands down the best thing I've ever eaten. I've never had it since because the recipe has never again been found.

I'm a masochist. Most times it's not obvious though.

I love to write. Sometimes I'm really good.

I want to be rich.

I can carry on multiple conversations and several topics per conversation at once and not get confused. Whoever I'm talking to does though.

"Average" just doesn't cut it with me.

I like to receive pictures via email. Subjects vary.

I've been called a "HTML Guru" but I'm really not, I just know the basics.

I dreamt once about a man with a scar over his left eye. I have since used this man as a masturbatory fantasy often.

I very rarely apologize. If I do, it doesn't mean you're special. It means I'm sorry.

Never try to emotionally blackmail me.

I have a nose ring.

I want more tattoos.

Turn ons include: tattoos, dominance, compassion, and accents.

Turn offs include: cowardice, bad breath, skinny people, and liars.

Likes "derogatory" names with good intentions.

I despise the word "cunt".

My birth year is '77.

I love to read, but most of it's done on the internet now.

I often wonder about my sanity. Supposedly insane people don't question it.

Want my soul? Buy me a Lexus.

I have more pens than I'll ever need. I buy them because they're "pretty colors".

I'm claustrophobic but can't get into an elevator without thinking about stopping it for reasons of inappropriate entertainment with a stranger.

Put on cologne, mow the grass or fix the car and chances are I love the way you smell.

If you had me, odds are you wouldn't know what to do with me. I rarely know what to do with myself.

I'm not a persona. People who like me really do, those who hate me really despise me.

I just read an article mentioning the "purple-helmeted love nazi" and I can't quit laughing.

I've seen the movie Bound more times than I can count and never get tired of it.

I don't care much about clothes, but I absolutely adore shoes.

I buy practically everything I see in animal print.

I hate cooking. I'm really pretty good at it though.

WWE wrestling - I rarely miss it.

CSI – I never miss it.

Criminal Minds – I never miss it.

I believe killing spiders is bad luck.

Most people think they don't really know me.

I have a negative effect on a lot of people. Nobody can pinpoint why.

Thursdays are horrible days for me.

I want to be a lawyer.

I've been on the internet for about 7 years.

My first dog's name was Brandy. I still cry sometimes because I miss her.

I want space to be who I am, whoever that may be at any given time. I hate people trying to change me. It'll never happen.

I have candles all over my house. My favorite is called "Linen Breezes".

I'm completely in lust with a Catholic Priest. (Forgive me Father, for what I've become.).

Still don't have a replica.

I have a leopard print dildo case, but no dildo that would fit in the case. (All too big.)

I was in a tornado.

I freaked out the next time the sirens went off.

We had a wildfire that could be seen 45 miles away.

My front porch shingles blew off.

I bore easily.

I almost always have spider roommates.

I have amateur porn videos. But I don’t care for porn.

I have been in two internet relationships.

I want foot tattoos.

Thinking about chopping my hair off. (Waist length now.)

I type 80-90+ wpm.

I've given a guy a bloody nose during oral sex before.

I haven't had sex in... Way too long.

I have a crystal ball on my desk that changes colors. (Ooooh purdy colors.)

Alot of Nickelback's music depresses me. (Doesn't stop me from listening though.)

I'm an extremist

If I hung up every wall ornament I have (from paintings to posters) I'd have alot more cabinet space.

No matter how much sleep I get, I want more.

I Wear jewelry 24/7.

Fabric in my mouth makes my teeth hurt. (So does wood, like popsicle sticks.)

I drive an '03 Dodge Stratus

My first car was an '88 Chevy Celebrity. Sparkly dark purple. I loved that car.

I don't know why I'm not sleeping now.

I hate impatience, even though I'm impatient myself.

I love Lamb Chop and Shari Lewis.

I totally admire Rob & Marisol Thomas for their work in helping improve the lives of abandoned and abused animals.

Pink and Linda Blair as well. There should be more people like these in the world.

I'm not a fan of Tori Amos but I love her song 'Crucify'.

I'm an ex Aerosmith fan. Not because I don't love them but because I heard about Steven Tyler's buying mink for his wife. If it proves to be an untrue rumor, I humbly beg forgiveness.

I think I'm broken

I'm not sure I want to be fixed.

I love the word "fuck" and I use it alot. I like the act even better.

I couldn't 'play dumb' if I tried. I know because I've tried.

I'm multi orgasmic. Very much so.

I'm a good liar. I don't bother lying though since the truth coming from me tends to hurt more.

Ever since first hearing it I've loved "Jessie" by Joshua Kadison.

I have OCD. And "Severe Anxiety Disorder with Depression". Or some shit.

I buy notebooks (especially legal pads) and pens. All the time. I can't help myself. I have more than I'll ever use but I keep buying them anyway. I think it's the OCD. Ya think?

I love someone that most of the time I can’t tell he loves me back.

I saw forever and white picket fences. I just don’t know how to make it happen.

I miss him already.

I love storms that don't result in power outages.

I survived an 8-day ice caused power outage.

A tree landed on my car.

My favorite coffee creamer is Pumpkin Spice. Second favorite is Peppermint Mocha.

I have a new puppy. Nugget. Mr. Nugget Pikachu.

I’m starting CNA classes. I hate that type of work.

I am a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Currently not practicing.

My Reiki Teacher is one of the few people I truly think very, very highly of.

I go through phases where I can’t sleep in my own bed (usually on the couch).

I am Eclectic Wiccan. I take what I need from everything and make it mine. There are no wrong answers, people.

I have very few friends, but I adore the ones I do.

I am a pharmaceutical junkie.

I would rather be a prostitute than a telemarketer.

I would never sell myself.

I admire people who live with a chronic illness (physical or emotional) but I’m terrified to be one of those people.

I am one of those people.

I used to have “Bug Dreams”.

I used to drink a lot. The Bug Dreams aren't related to this. Swear.

I have never “drunk-dialed”.

But I have “panic-phoned”.

I very rarely return phone calls.

I’m not easy to get in contact with either.

I’m doing all these time-killing posts today because my anxiety is very high.

I cry when I'm pukey. I think of this because I feel pukey right now.

I rarely feel that anything is Too Much Information. I want to know it all.

Three of the fingers on my right hand are double jointed. Two on the left.

I love watching movies. It’s probably my favorite pastime.

I often know what people are thinking or how they feel. I’m rarely wrong.

I have one beta fish.

I love video games. Legend of Zelda is my favorite, but I need a navigator.

I’m wanting to try hypnosis for weight-loss. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I am a vegetarian.

I do not knowingly use any animal products.

I believe therapists are just fucked up people who went into psychology to figure out what’s wrong with them.

I have perfect teeth.

I recently had 9 stitches from where the futon attacked me. First time.

Right now, I’m listening to the Gin Blossoms.

Jonathan Schaech is so hot he’s almost ugly. This confuses me.

I think I would like to be a massage therapist.

I have no idea why I haven’t done it yet.

I think the Suicide Girls are pretty spiffy.

I believe I was once hypnotized by the washing machine.

I want to get married someday.

I believe I’ve exhausted my facts for the moment.




NiteRydar said...

oh hell where to start.

Priest - forbiden fruit like I have been telling you.
Emails - I knew it
Jesus - he loves you in more than one way
Dream - Ha, no comment
Basement - Thank god for that
Videos - Dont we all
Webcams - Oh yes they are entertaining
Cooking - You do what I do for one day and see if you feel like cooking
Girl - Threesome material
Promotion - Yay Vix!!
Nose - I wont even ask
Sex - Whos fault is that

tj metal said...

I have questions and/or comments:

Secret Buddy - what the hell is a secret buddy?

Bore Easily - you? nah...

Rydar's enchiladas - tell him I agree with you, if you want them he should make them... **Note to Rydar - best way to get out of cooking is to not do it well**

Cutting your hair - if it makes you happy girl, cut it..

Promotion at work - congratulations I'm so happy for you..

You've been there for 5 months - and you haven't killed a single person yet.. awesome..

Vixen said...

Rydar - The priest: he's not exceptional looking but there's some magnetism.
Cooking: I clean toilets. And messes that missed toilets. And I want to cook?
Girl: I'm relatively certain she's straight.
Promotion: Remains to be seen. It had better.
Nose: Good, don't.

TJ - Secret Buddy: it's a drawing where everyone's names go in with a list of what they like and the 'secret buddy' buys presents all year for that person. Nobody knows who is buying for who.
Bore Easily: yeah. Can you imagine?!
Rydar's enchiladas: I was shocked he could cook. I agree that what I want I should get. Don't give him any ideas!
Cutting my hair: I chopped it off once when it was almost this long and I cried and said I'd never do it again. I doubt I will work up the nerve.
Promotion: *see above*
5 months: I haven't killed anyone, but not because I haven't wanted to.

Ben said...

Tribesmen: "Drink this to be members of our tribe."

Homer and Bart: -drinks-

Tribesmen: "it's bear piss."

Homer and Bart: *Stares*

Tribesmen: "Just kidding...it's really Fresca."