If I'm not around much in the next few days/weeks it's because I got high-speed internet from Earthlink and along with this comes 20 hours dialup. Sounds good, right? Well, it won't work, they say it's a problem with my phone, the phone company says uh no it's not. And my account's been active since the 7th of this month so my 20 have to be about up. I'm going to tell them to take it back and give me good old reliable dialup for the time being. But I don't have the patience or even the desire to call them to argue tonight.

So miss me in my absence if there is one. Feel free to comment here on anything and/or email me (see links to your left) and go visit my weekly renter. Rest assured I will return.


P.S. Spinach Alfredo pizza from Papa Johns. Trust me.

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tj metal said...

of course we'll miss you, come back soon.. and have a great Easter..

Talk to you soon,