Shaken, Not Stirred

The Mutant Demon Beetle is no longer. Well that's not entirely true probably because I'm sure wherever he is out in my trashcan in a tupperware container, he's undoubtedly still alive. But he is no longer in my house. Rydar came over, removed all the canned goodies from the cabinet, coaxed the critter down from within, caught him in a tupperware container, slammed the lid on, held it up for all to see the huge beetle within, and proceeded to shake the damn thing. It was so gross. You could hear the beetle rattling around in there. Just thinking about it gives me chills. Fuck that thing was disgusting. I kept a safe distance and insisted the dog stay by me. This would be where I say "oh Rydar, my hero!" and swoon and all that happy shit, except the entire time he was after the little huge fucker he was making fun of me. He wasn't thrilled with his hero stance and bitched and complained between mocking comments directed at me. So yay! the beetle's gone thanks to Rydar. But Rydar's a prick nonetheless.

As you can tell I have internet. I called Earthlink and insisted they give me back the dialup and get rid of the DSL. I got a habeeb who kept telling me I first needed to speak to a "master technician" because the whole 4 hours Rydar spent on the phone with a "tech" was spent with a "level one tech" and not a "master". *rolls eyes* I told her I just wanted my fucking dialup back as I didn't have time to sit on hold for another hour to talk to a master tech who would undoubtely not have a clue either. (And speaking of which, if a "Master Tech" existed, why wasn't Rydar directed to one in the FIRST place, when "Level 1" dude said he had no idea??!) Habeebette insisted that if after I spoke to the master my mind was still made up, I could be transferred back to her and cancelled. Ok fine, I said, knowing full well the DSL was already boxed and ready to return and I decided as soon as the master answered I was going to tell him to transfer me back to the cancellation department. He never answered. Shocker. So I hung up and called again. After 10 minutes on hold I got an ENGLISH speaking guy!! Oh sweet jebus I'm saved. I tell him I want this shit gone and my dialup back. He asks if I've spoken to a master tech. I say "no" but I spent four hours with a level one peon who was telling me to do things to my computer that I wouldn't have felt comfortable with even after dinner and a movie. It was obvious the peon had no clue. English guy laughed and asked if I would like to talk to one. Um, no. Four hours was enough for me and I just wanted my old account back. Certainly he said. And told me he'd ship me return labels for the modem and my account wouldn't be charged anything but shipping. Happy day. Now if only it works that way.
What's with everyone at a help desk for an american company speaking broken habeenglish? Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with habeebs, but realize that they are completely unaware of the meaning of the word "NO!"

Off topic - I didn't chop my hair off. In fact, I colored it. My natural blond with dark dark brown and dark red. Looks spiffy. I get so sick of blond.

(Like I'm saying something important)

I've decided to remove alot of links from my blogroll. I'll keep the ones that are as well linked to me, but the rest are going. If you'd like yours to stay or for anyone else that would like to be linked to me, let me know and I'll do so.

*Also note: If your link has been removed from the blogroll, check "Blogs of Note" it may have been moved there.*

The Admission job I was hoping for turns out to be 11pm-7am and fuck that. So I'll impatiently await the next time.

And let me add Happy Easter to everyone and that's it for now.

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NiteRydar said...

I stopped reading after you called me a prick.