Sunday, 4.2.06

Tornado sirens again last night. I confess, I'm a bit more jumpy now that we've actually been hit before and three days ago nonetheless.

I'm heading over to Granny's house in a short while to help in cleaning up the back bedroom. I'm taking my Muttley with me because his tummy is making really funny noises and he was grubbing on grass, so I'm worried he's going to be sick. I don't want him alone if he doesn't feel well. Could prove to be an interesting day.

I made a post on my other site about Animal Testing. The posted is from the list of companies that DO test. I'm going to add the list of those that don't later. Should go check it out.

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JDV said...

I hope the Dingo is feeling fine. Take care of yourself with all of that crazy weather around there and tell Nite thanks for lending an ear.