Tornado Alley

I wrote a big long post about the tornadoes that hit here Thursday but my browser died and I lost it all. Anyway - we had two tornadoes, I saw them both from the 3rd floor window of the hospital. One hit the employee parking lot and blew out windows in 150 vehicles. Long story short, I heard a *train*, looked out the window, everything started blowing upwards and off in the distance I could see the second funnel. It was pretty awesome looking, but the news made it sound so dramatic and it wasn't. I can say I've seen one now, I'm not in too big of a hurry to see another.

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JDV said...

I did the same thing when the tornado went through here (watched from a window). I don't think the one here was as bad as the ones that touched down there. Be careful and take care of Dingo too. ( I had a Dorothy and Toto reference but in the present state I thought it was in my best judgement not to use it.)