Broken Hearted

I have seen my beloved Chiropractor for the last time indefinitely. X-rays showed nothing but a slight crowding in my lower spine and there is nothing he can do aside from further adjustments. He recommended physical therapy. I've decided to hold off as I owe quite a healthy chunk o'cash at this point that I'd like to pay off. So Doc. God has broken my heart and I've had to leave him behind. That's perfectly alright though because..

I was directed to a car lot this afternoon by Boss Dude at work to speak to a salesman he knows about getting a fairly new car in my price range. Well sales dude (we'll call him Rp) wasn't there so a coworker of his spoke to us briefly about when Rp would be returning. I haven't met Rp yet of course, but I'm certain his coworker could be an ample fill-in. He could sell me my ticket to hell if he asked nicely. I have quite the quicksilver personality, I know - and I'm ok with that. What's scenery if you can't enjoy it? Exactly. Especially awe inspiring is the scenery of topic on the hood of that bright blue Chevy Cobalt I'm wanting. Ah well hell, I'd take him on the hood of a pinto if need be.

The Weasel went home this evening. He's been diagnosed with kidney failure but as long as he goes easy on the protien he can live quite some time this way. He was thrilled to get home.

I had horrible allergies yesterday evening and woke up with a sore throat from hell this morning that's progressively gotten worse as the day rolled on. I think now that I'm getting sick instead of just allergies. At work today I considered checking myself in to be euthanized. But the joy of making others miserable won out, giving me a reason to struggle through my razorblade swallowing sore throat.

Well it's almost 2 in the a.m. and I'm really tired. I thought I had more to write about but for the life of me I can't remember what. Perhaps tomorrow.

P.S. Where are my little minions? Get in here and talk to me fucknuggets.

By the way Rydar - Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence is #77 on my disk if you want to hear it.

And that'll do it for tonight folks. Stay tuned.

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Isis said...

Week from hell I tell ya... I'm still here barely...

Had to lose my sidekick so I'll be a little busier than usual...but I'm happy to have the board back even if yuku ain't so hot...

Glad Weasel is better... and that really sucks about the Doc... well you could always get speedy to throw your back out so you have a reason to re-visit the hot doc...