So I returned to the Chiropractor yesterday afternoon, told him how bad I hurt the day before and he told me on days like that to come back and see him even if it's just an in and out appointment. If I keep having headaches he wants to look into that and he said he'd like to adjust my neck (that sounds kinda funny really) but that whole twisting the neck thing wigs me out so I told him maybe next week. I see him three times next week; Monday and Wednesday at 5:45 p.m. and Friday at 2:15 again. I don't mind seeing him all at mind you, but it's a $20 copay every time and I don't know yet what my insurance covers in these visits.
So anyway, I'm on the little torture table and when he starts working up my back it hurts a little this time and I start laughing. Like hysterically. The last time I went to a doctor and he just sort of grabbed my neck and twisted I couldn't stop laughing either. I'm the type of person I guess that laughs at funerals. Doc was like "some people scream, some cry, some cuss me out, but you, you laugh." Now I could carry on about how amazing looking this guy is and how I barely remember a thing he said while he had his hands on my ass, and believe me I could but I really can't sit in this computer chair for long periods at a time right now so you get the shortened version. I don't hurt as bad today as I did the day after I went the first time. Actually that's not entirely true. My upper back/ribcage doesn't hurt much at all, my hip still does a little but it's hard to tell if I don't move much, but my ass hurts! Apparently from when he adjusted my hips. Hurts through the sides of my hips, through my ass, and down the backs of my thighs. I still have a little bit of a headache but not nearly as bad as before. Maybe I should let him fix my neck, huh?

My Mom took my Great Grandma's dog (Weasel) to the groomer yesterday to get a bath so he could go get a massage this weekend. Now Weasel is mostly deaf, has cataracts so he's probably almost completely blind, and has arthritis in all of his legs. He's 13-14 years old and scared of almost everything (we think he was abused before he came to live with us). Anyway, he bit the groomer in the face, she went to ER and had 11 stitches. So although Weasel has his rabies records and is up-to-date, he has to be quarantined for 10 days in case the "rabies shot failed." (wtf?) So we took him out to The Dingo's vet because they're open all night and they're really good with Dingo (and he's crazy) to spent the next 10 days. The whole thing is just bullshit if you ask me. Weasel can hardly fucking walk, he can't see, can't hear, and now he's labeled a "vicious dog" because some groomer chick who was a vet tech before and isn't "scared of anything" (her words) was stupid enough to stick her face in a blind, deaf, arthritic, scared, old dog in a new place's face and got bit. Now she probably didn't mean to hurt or scare him so I'm not really saying that, but the bottom line is you do not stick your face in a dog's face! Especially one you don't know. Christ woman!
After 10 days and a $200 vet boarding bill, he gets to go home as long as he's not "rabid". *eyeball roll* Again I ask you, am I exceptionally intelligent or are these people incredibly stupid?

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NiteRydar said...

Just like a giddy school girl arent ya. I hope it works out for ya, call me skeptic, but I really do.

Weasel rapid, excuse me while I compose myself. Okay all better, what the hell was she thinking anyway. Vet Tech my ass.