Dodge It

I bought a car. A 2003 Dodge Stratus. Here's a picture, not of my car but of one exactly like it. Ok yeah, so it's not the Cobalt I was drooling over, and I did swear when I drove Mom's rental Stratus that I didn't think I wanted one. But I drove it, I loved it, and I took back everything mean I had said about the rental... As long as it doesn't give me trouble. And best of all - I can afford it.

I had been considering a 2000 Mercury Mystique (which I can't find an accurate picture of) that was maroonish-red with a spoiler and sunroof. Cute car, but when I test drove it, the engine light stayed on. Supposedly an O2 sensor. Uh-huh, whatever. That was my not so subtle hint to leave the lot.

Would you know that when I left at lunch from work today to head to the bank to get the down payment for the car that I couldn't find the damn thing? Yeah, I lost my car. I hit the unlock button and listened for the horn and heard nothing. So I hit the panic button and again, nothing. Finally I found it, across from a maroon minivan that now had flashing lights. Ha.

I've heard nothing new about the job transfers. Rather pisses me off. I went to Human Resources today and asked if the jobs were still open, she said that yes they were and the Admissions chick was interviewing. I was like "uh, no she's not.. I'm right here!" Geez. Tired of this creeping slow shit - get moving, I've got wheels.


Amanda said...

Came over via the Blair Bitch Project...It's been a while since I've been here. It looks different, I really like it.

JDV said...

Congrats on the new ride. I'm sure Dingo will be happy.

Dave said...

nothin better then getting a new car, until you realize you have to pay for it haha.

Vixen said...

Thank you! I got a little bored of the colors in the last template - black is so much more my color.

Dingo hasn't gotten to ride in the car yet until I get it Mutt proofed a bit.

I read somewhere a quote that said "think nobody knows you exist? Try missing a couple of car payments."

Alex said...

Ooh! I want to go for a ride, too! (Once it's mutt proofed.)

niteowl said...

I've got a 98 Mystique. Every once in a while the Check Engine pops on, but from the articles I've read, that light indicates that any number of things could be wrong.