My Newest Tenant

Welcome Gary from Warped. Now I could explain why I chose this particular renter but I think that once you click the link and read a bit, it becomes rather obvious. Sex references, furry ball of evil references, back pain references, foul language (!), about everything but the "sex-afterglow-booze-happiness" part I can totally relate to. Go check it out.

I return to the shithole otherwise known as work tomorrow. I still feel pretty unhealthy with the dizzy spells and all and would probably call in except I remind myself that if I'm truly horribly ill where is a better place to be than the hospital? Least if I drop they'll maybe help me. I've heard more times than once that "If you want to die, go to ***** Hospital." Scary ain't it? I suppose there are alot of hospitals out there like that, but I've heard really wicked things about the one I work at. Now none of you better repeat that to anyone as it may upset the powers that hold my toilet scrubbing job future in their hands. If I piss them off they may just demote me to... Umm.. Well ok, maybe not.

I believe I mentioned putting in two transfers at work - one for admissions and another for records. Well admissions is filled. I wasn't even called for an interview. Now bear with me here if you don't mind - Admissions requires customer service which I did a shitload of at my last job. I'm not a people person mind you, but I can fake peachy personality like the rest of them. I type upwards of 80wpm and 10key and even have supervisory skills. Now this job consists of checking people into the hospital. What more could I need? Well whatever it is, I'm sure I have it too, or at least am capable of bullshitting it.

Now on to the Records job which supposedly is still open as of Friday last week. I'm the vast majority of the way through the Health Info Tech program. For those of you who don't know what that is exactly it's coding. That foreign numbered language on your doctor bills. Now if I had the degree completed I wouldn't be applying for a basic records job I'd be after a real coding job. But I'm not so I'll even settle for being a record runner currently. Why wouldn't they hire someone with my education? Seriously, I need to know this. I'm going to ask about the job again tomorrow when I go in. Right after I...

Take my car to the doctor. The brakes make kind of a howling noise. Nothing particularly scary and I've heard it on new cars before but I just bought it so I'm making them check it out. I take the car in at 8:30 in the a.m. and sure my Mom could have taken the car since she has the week off, but oh hell no she's not driving it. I have to call either today or in the morning to let them know I'll be late. I'm sure they'll be thrilled. Seriously. It has to be alot quieter when I'm not there. All Om and peace and tranquility and the rest of that happy shit.

I still love my car. I haven't driven it in 3 days though due to my being sick and refusing to leave the house. I do have to do laundry today though, and put gas in the car since doing so in the morning before work is just out of the question. I bought cheap floormats. Not because I'm cheap you bastids (although after the car purchase I'm broke) but I couldn't find any of the spiffy mats I wanted and I felt like the car needed some now instead of waiting till I found the perfect ones. I don't have the best luck with cars you know, hell I don't have the best luck with anything, and due to this I promised it on the way home from the car lot that if it'd take care of me I'd take care of it. I think we reached a mutual conclusion. I haven't given it a name because I won't call it male because men are assholes and I won't refer to it as female because of the whole PMS thing. It is just an IT and that is far more flattering than giving it a human gender.

I made cheese enchiladas this weekend, off of Rydar's recipe except I left off the veggie *meat*. Was really good for a change. I just have to make contact with the parties that partook of this dinner to ensure that they are all still with us.

I'm going to post this now because even in my rambling mode I've run out of things to say.

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niteowl said...

Thanks for renting to me and the nice plug. Muchos gracias, or however that's spelled.