Oh, the Pain of Denial

A quote from my tenant: After numerous (ok, 8) attempts at getting various BE members to rent to me

This struck very close to home, so I decided to list those that have denied me tenancy. I know that when you get that email that says "your rent bid has been denied" that it claims it's nothing personal and most often I'm sure it's not, but come on how many times does it have to happen before one can say "oh gee.. I'll bet it's because the title of my blog idicates a sex toy and they're all uptight prudes"? Family values my ass.


Here goes in no particular order:

...Please, don't weep for me...

Quarter Rest
My Asylum of thoughts
chronicles of sanity & lunacy
Cynikal One
Idiot on a Stick (2)
Haunted House Dressing
Luna's Rainbow
Croaker's Corner
Fat Penguin
The Beastly Blogs
Kentucky Girl (2)
I Talk to Much
Live Your Dog's Life
Fembat Unhinged (2)
What This Bitch Thinks
Once Upon a Blog
The Blinking Cursor
Stoopid IS
The Battle Rock Spot
Just Jill
My Devilish Side
Pixie Dust
Whatchu Tawkin Bout?
This Girl's Life
Am I Annoying You Yet?
Stupid People Shouldn't Breed
Not the Life I Pictured
The Adventures of Twatwaffle Jones
Jane Loves Tarzan
Crazy Like a Fox
The Nonessentials
Revenge of the Bitches
A Southern Mama
Exquisite Chick
Analysis from the Heartland
Sin's Fate Unleashed
Green (2)
Why Can't we be Friends?
Bitchin' Blonde
It's only me, Josh
LunaStone's Celtic Realm
The Crazy Housewife
Pile of Dog Bones
Ghost Stories
The Grubby Halo
This Is Me...like it or not.
1 Cup Humanity, 1 Cup Profanity...
Voicing My Thoughts! Transformed...
Ghetto Barbie
The Dramedy of Life

Attack of the Rob Bot! (expired)
Project GrooveAid (expired)
Mind of an Err0r (expired)
Solitary Willow (expired)
Imaginary Diva (expired)
Scarcely Hygienic (expired)
Rattitude (expired)
Dave's Place (expired)
inShanelife.com (expired)
1 Cup Humanity, 1 Cup Profanity... (expired)
Andrena's Ankh (expired)
Starstuff Pondering... (expired)
Yeah and--so What! (expired)
this girl's life (expired)
ya don't say... (expired)
DOWN WITH PANTS! (expired)
Thought Bubbles (expired)
This and that (expired)
Sarantium's Shoes (expired)

**List updated - 6-28-06**
Several of these were previous tenants of mine. A few, you'll note, denied me twice! Still another has kicked my ass at Battle of the Blogs... Repeatedly (your time will come! *shakes fist*) Now tell me, should I be offended? Suicidal?

This was entertaining for a moment as this is the first time I've seen them all laid out in pretty little list form. Perhaps I'll start a Denied section to my sidebar. Fuck knows if I'm not holding a record for being denied yet, I will be before long.


niteowl said...

Unfortunately I think a lot of people just rent to friends, rather than someone they don't know at all. You are a notable exception, as you rented to me...a complete stranger.

Then again, you have a point with the blog title thing. There are a lot of uptight bloggers out there.

Miz BoheMia said...

Hi Vixen,

I think we have danced around each other's blogs for a bit... I am flattered to be linked by you and thought it was finally time to pop in and say hi..

As for your post... I HATE BE!!! Well, I once took every single pop-up I could think off out of my blog... idiots claim they don't want the links to appear as a separate window that opens and yet soooo many are part of the rent-a-blog program that do have pop-up windows... and this bitch that is in charge of it kept rejecting me... later on I found through several other sites where she'd left a comment that she was offended by my blog and banner and the like...

So yeah... they may not come here because of your blog name and with me, they don't like the banner (so it ain't coming down ever!)

I like your new look but admit to lovin' the one you had before!

Anyway, I tend to be way too verbose so this ends here!

Cheryl said...

Just wanted to let you know, I definitely didn't deny your blog because of it's name, really can't even remember you bidding. Be sure to try again though, really like your work. Probably picked that week in a half asleep stupor...

Antonette said...

I totally feel your pain. I've been there done that and have the t-shirt. I am glad there is others that feel the same way as I do.

Vixen said...

Niteowl - I rent to strangers 'cuz I don't like most of the people I know. Or they don't like me. Yeah, that could be it too.

Miz Bohemia - I think your banner's awesome. It never fails to crack me up how people, on the internet of all places, get so offended by banners and titles and *gasp* bad words. I mean really, type in "care bears" with a slight typo and you find porn. Evil. That's what this internet is! Straight laced twits, the lot of them. I too, have been accused of being "verbose". But hey now, it's impressive when you can call someone every name that comes to mind before ever hitting the period button. Takes talent. Especially when it makes sense.

Cheryl - I clicked on your name link and got a "Profile Not Available" page. Which blog is yours?

Antonette - Oh lord. Childless on purpose, animal lover, blunt, harsh. You could be me!

Fembat said...

Have to say I dont recall refusing a rental to you once, let alone twice. This isn't to say I haven't of course, but I am pretty damn sure it was never because of your blogs name. I'm no prude ;-)

Chances are its simply because at the time I hit upon a blog that made me stand back and say wow, I wish that were mine - and I choice them. Simply as.

Hell, if i had a dollar for everytime I got a refusal I'd have a weeks wage now.