Putting Down the Chainsaw

I simply insist on an honorable mention for my previous landlord The Blair Bitch. A very nice hostess she was if I do say so myself. And the parting words clearly designed to further up my publicity. Anyway, you'll notice from the link above and the comment that this goodbye and take care post tells a short, backwards and rather rancid story. For example:

I also got a few complaints about the stench coming from her place and that chainsaw buzzing at all hours of the day

followed by the comment of: I heard her screaming "It puts the lotion in the fucking basket" a couple times, but I'm sure its nothing to worry about.

Now check it out. First of all it puts the lotion in the basket, then the chainsa... Wait. Call me crazy but I certaily wouldn't concern myself with *it's* skin integrity if I were to just shred *it* up with a chainsaw. Heaven's no!

So the story doesn't exactly make sense but that's ok too. We'll carry on...

So we pass by the lotion in the basket. Next we move on to the chainsaw which does make sense when combined with the stench. The lotion must not have been lavender, we all know how I adore lavender. I don't recall this particular episode with the lotion, but I'm almost positive I'd have chosen lavender, if for no other reason than to cut down on the stench.

This story is making less and less sense...

And last but not least, "but I'm sure it's nothing to worry about" ... I'd worry a little more about the chainsaw than the propaganda involved. Anyway, for the sake of camaraderie I will lay down my chainsaw, spray some air freshner and say, Blair Bitch you have a lovely place and I had a pleasant stay.

Although I feel it is my duty to forwarn any future renters of hers to watch out for those killer cyber-nostrils.

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