Saved by the Dingo

My bedroom closet doorknob fell off last night.

Mom came by at lunch today so we could go by the college on her break. I went into my closet to get something to wear, knocked the door shut behind me, and found myself locked in. Well, my bedroom door was closed with the Mutt and my Mom on the outside. I knocked on the closet door, yelled at Mom and got no response but a squeaking outside the bedroom door. So I started yelling at Dingo to tell Grandma his Mommy locked herself in the closet. The Mutt barked, started scratching the bedroom door, and whining. I could barely hear her but Mom said "quit upsetting the dog!" I knocked on the door again and yelled for Dingo again. Finally I heard the bedroom door open, the dog tear into the room and over to the closet door where he started scratching and squeaking again. Grandma by this time was laughing hysterically, but the Dingo didn't find it funny. He knew his Mommy was needing help. My Dingo saved me! Without him my Mom would have just gotten pissed at me for taking too long and left because she couldn't hear me yelling at her that I had locked myself in.

My Dingo Mutt is definitely a hero. Go give him a bone (or ten) at his Mr. Hero's Page.


tj metal said...

Well, I'm so happy that Dingo saved you, that closet would have been freaky after a few more minutes I'm sure.

Give the pup a treat for me, and glad to see you back at it..

Vixen said...

I think if it hadn't been for hearing Muttley out there squeaking I'd have freaked out being stuck inside. He's my little furry hero.