I went to work today, everything normal (as normal as daily hip/lower back pain and mid back pain is), and a couple hours in my right side started to hurt. Starting with my back and around to my ribcage. I decided I'd had enough, that it was time to visit the Chiropractor my doctor referred me to. Figuring I'd go sometime this week hopefully, I went downstairs to ask Jm if he had a preference as to when and he said "today". Okay then, I called and made the appointment, they got me in at 2:15. Mind you I don't much believe in Chiropractic medicine, but this was one of those last resort shots.
I get there at 2 to fill out the 3 pages of paperwork required. The waiting room is crazy. There's relaxation music, wind chimes, paper lamps, chinese artwork, incense and candles. Don't get me wrong, I totally dig settings like that, it's just this place is in a building with you know, real doctors.
An LPN comes to take me in, takes my vitals and has me sit to wait patiently for the doctor. I'm nervous of course because I've never done this before and I have bad thoughts about twisting necks and cracking spines. And to make it worse, I'm envisioning a crusty old man doing the twisting and cracking. Gross. My imagination is sometimes my worst enemy.
In he walks. Mother of God. No, he didn't bring his mom. Crusty old man this wasn't. The second place I looked after prying my eyes away was to the ring finger of his left hand. Damn!
He does the routine questioning, promises he'll explain to me what he's doing every step of the way, and follows some of his statements with "cool?" Uh yeah, totally. (Could you repeat everything you just said from the moment you walked in?) First he has me simply walk towards him and then tells me I walk on the outer edges of my feet. Reflexes, twisting, tiptoes, heels, everything else appears normal he says, except for pain down the right side of my back. Now it's time for the table that looks like a torture device. I wind up on my stomach on this device that raises up and lays flat. He explains what he's going to do and the hip portion of the table drops out and he pops my back, hip, spine, towards my ribs, etc. He's talking to me the entire time he has his hands on my back, one leg's a bit longer than the other but not noticibly so, I have a twisted (torqued? tilted? He's touching me! Who's listening by this point??) iliac crest and he wants to see me again.. when is good for me? (How about now? The rest of the day, this evening? Hell, I don't really need to leave.) Friday? Excellent, 2:15 Friday it is then. He didn't want me to return to work today nor tomorrow, but I told him I couldn't afford to miss tomorrow. (Unless of course he has a hotel in mind.) He said he's not going to make me keep coming to see him forever (break my heart in one sentence.) but he thought he could help me alot in a few visits (if only he knew) and if not he'd do spinal x-rays and find out if more was going on. He grins, asks if that's "cool?", I can't talk so I nod, and he drifts out the door. His LPN comes in to put Biofreeze on my back, hands me my skip-work-note and tells me she'll see me Friday.

So am I a believer? Yeah, I believe in God. What? Chiropractic medicine? Oh yeah. No. Yes. Who cares?


NiteRydar said...

You know, I remember when I used to make you that giddy guess Im gonna have to get back in shape huh. But you still worship my back, yeah.

Vixen said...

Awww my Schnookie's not out of shape. Even if you were, I don't care as much about the rest of it, just your back.

I digress. There are a few other areas I care about.

NiteRydar said...

I knew it, ha you admitted it finally, I dont know why you lived in denial all those years.