Blender Slaughtered!

Some blenders just don't handle ice too well. It began smoking and shooting little metal slivers. True story.

I went to the eye doctor this morning. Since Friday I've been unable to see very well out of my right eye. All pain and bright light and white swirlies. I called the doctor this morning - one I had never been to but Mom has - and they told me to head on over. Long story short, I wound up with dilated pupils (dilation from 3 to 9, there was no iris left - all pupil) and a borderline migraine. He did say that whatever was going on, it wasn't my eyes, but he had a "hunch" it was my sinuses. His suggestion was ibuprofen and a return visit tomorrow when I'm undilated, for a vision exam. I've had glasses since 2nd grade and contacts since high school, but I never wear either and haven't seen an eye doctor in ages. Anyway, he said my left eye has issues and my right might as well. But physically, both eyes look "crystal clear" and my pupil response is normal. It's like the dentist all over again. For someone who's in such great shape, I sure have alot of problems.

When I left the doctor's office they gave me those huge plastic sunglasses but I didn't need them since it had stormed last night and was still entirely overcast. All blurry and shit and I made it across town back to the hospital. I get there, parked clear out on the back edge of the parking lot because frankly, I didn't think I should be trying to park next to anyone, and stagger into the building where I'm met with bright, white, fluorescent lighting.. Everywhere. Ever had your eyes dilated? I think everyone has. Sure it's all fun looking lit out of your skull.. But trust me, those lights can ruin any high. Even a fake, doctor induced one. Might as well have run hot pokers into my eye sockets.

My dear Mother bought the Mutt two body pillows yesterday. Since I already have two on my bed, I put one in the closet and washed the pillow case for one of the new ones and hung it up to dry. After work today I put it on the pillow and another new pink camo case on a smaller pillow and put them both on the bed. The Mutt investigated both of them and wiped his drippy little schnoz all over. So tonight I get to sleep with dog-snot pillows. I felt like sharing that.

I also feel like sharing that Mom took the Mutt over to her grandma's house to run in the back yard and once he came inside he ran under the chair and out with a dead mouse. So while Mom is throwing a tantrum yelling at him to drop it, my baby is running around the house with a dead mouse in his yap. Mom confused him terribly and he didn't know whether to let it go or play with his find. Finally his good sense won out (or he realized that he was carrying around a dead rodent) and he dropped the damn thing. He can't figure out now why nobody wants his smoochies.


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