Child Euthanization

I took my Shepherd mix (Buster) to the vet this evening because tomorrow he's having his teeth cleaned and several lumps (doc thinks they're fatty tumors) aspirated. While I'm there I visit all the other dogs and since it's also the emergency clinic there's usually a few. Tonight I saw a 5lb red chihuaha dog, asleep/unconscious hooked up to an IV. The tag said "head trauma". We asked about her and the tech said that she was "attacked. By boys." Apparently at least one 16 year old boy attacked this tiny wa-wa dog with bricks. Bricks! The tech said charges were filed and the kid/s were to be prosecuted. The dog is also expected to live, amazingly. Now perhaps you're thinking the wa-wa was running loose and the owners are partially to blame for these fucking kids, but that's not the case this time. The dog was in a fenced in yard when the attack happened. I don't know how the wa-wa's family even knew about it unless they saw it and knew the kid. It's such a bitch to prosecute animal crimes anyway. So my perspective? As the title reads, I say euthanize the fucker/s that did this. This isn't even a case of a bully. This is out and out malicious cruelty. I say charge the kid/s with a felony charge of animal cruelty and beat him/them with bricks. Wake him/them up and do it again. People like that deserve to be killed a thousand times.

Onward - My Renter has left us, and again I am all alone. I can never keep track of the time and until I log on and it says "Rent My Blog!" I never realize the time's up. It was a pleasure having you Niteowl and I'd like to add you to my Bloggage Links if that's alright.

I left Rydar to babysit my Muttley while I was at the Vet this evening. He spent most all of the evening asleep in my bed (rumor has it he wouldn't even share with the dog) so I figured I could leave in confidence that the Mutt had a sitter. I get back around 11 and the sitter has left and my baby is in the bedroom (where he stays when he's home alone). I think Rydar should be fired.

My day was shitty. As you know I work in a hospital. Well state came in today. Oh, yay. And of course they prefer my wing since it's skilled nursing. All departments are hopping around like stupid little puppets with a drunken puppeteer. The whole thing's so stupid, you know? If you kept shit up every day, why worry when state shows? It would be comical to watch how nurses and everyone else acted so differently today than usual. Comical that is, if it wasn't a hospital.

Well for now, that is all.

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At 5:09 PM, June 06, 2006 , Blogger Dave said...

It's sick to think anyone would take a brick to an animals head unless that animal was a vicious one that was attacking.

Attacking a dog that is no bigger then a damn cat is sicker then anything. I'd like to line up to hit these punks with my fist, I don't need no stinkin brick.

At 11:04 PM, June 06, 2006 , Blogger niteowl said...

I don't usually advocate violence, but those kids need to get attacked with a few of bricks, a baseball bat, a golf club, a shovel...

Thanks for having me last week, Vixen...and I wouldn't mind being added to your links list at all.

At 11:06 PM, June 06, 2006 , Blogger niteowl said...


a few wheelbarrow loads of bricks...


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