Evil Thoughts

Today at work Tubby was again spewing gossip about Cs at me (read more about Tubby and Cs here). I listen just because I get bored at work and it's an effective time-kill. And it's interesting. Yeah I admit it, I find the brutal gossip interesting. I don't believe the vast majority of what I hear though. When Kat still worked with me she once got snapped at by a nurse because there was a cracker on the floor in the breakroom that the nurse swore "had been there since yesterday!" Kat and I thereafter dubbed the place As the Cracker Crumbles.

So for today's episode of As the Cracker Crumbles, our fat homely hag Tubs is yet again repeating the same tired old gossip about Cs. Supposedly, Cs and her husband don't live together. His (Dick) first wife died of AIDS and he is a bisexual who married Cs only for her money (a housekeepers salary, ha), and sees her only at McDonalds every morning where they run into each other in what sounds like an accidental meeting. Story goes that Cs can't cook, clean, or perform sexually, so Dick has himself another dick on the side. It's really an ugly, sad situation. As I said I don't know what's true and what's not. Cs and Dick do have separate listings in the phonebook, but it's none of my business, nor do I care.

That was kind of a mid ramble you caught up there. I'm not sure I had a point and I'm pretty certain that even if I did it was entirely unimportant.

Yesterday I told Sy and Cs that I was considering asking Jm if I could work from 12-8 for a few months (half day and half evening shift) so that I could finish cosmetology school which I started ages ago. When I went to clock out yesterday another woman that I work with said "so you're thinking about working 12-8?" Now if I decide to do so it's not going to be a secret, everyone will know, but until it's official I was wanting to keep it quiet as I don't need to feed the rumors about myself. Sy of course didn't say a word - it was Cs. Cs is the butt of all sorts of ugly gossip, I can't figure out why she'd go tell anyone anything about me since she calls me her "only friend" at work. I'm pretty sure she meant no harm, but seriously what the hell?

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