The Interview

I can't remember if I mentioned my transfer request into the Administration office of the hospital as a Data Analyst. Anyway, Jm was to talk to the chick and "put in a good word" for me (his idea) and today she told him to send me to her office to finish "the record thing that I started", as told by Jm. I looked at him with what he called my "deer in the headlights look" when he relayed the message. Meaning I had no idea what he was talking about and he knew I knew that he knew I was clueless. I told him as much. He told me to call her anyway. I did. Chick was thrilled to talk to me but kept calling me "Chris" (which is a variant of my real name) so I thought nothing of it. When she told me to come up and visit her to finish the record review I started I paused a moment and said "but I've never been there". Yeah, I was still confused. But now chick was confused as well. Finally she said "Oh! Let me get your resume" and when she did she asked me to come down after work anyway. I did so. Everything seemed to go well, she complimented me on my qualifying skills and I did the record review she was wanting. I had some issues, but hell I'm a Health Info student not graduate, so what do they expect? While I was busy with the record, Jm's secretary came in. She goes by Chris too (a variant of her real name, also). Afterwards I asked chick if that was the Chris that she had originally thought I was. She said yes, but that she was trying to keep it a secret. I told her I understood and would tell nobody. You folks won't tell, will you?

I don't much like the other Chris. When Mom and I went in to speak to Jm while waiting for my prescription last Friday Chris was rather rude to us. I'm used to it - but she was rude to my Mother, which is a huge no-no in my book and thus placing her at the number 1 spot on my shit list. If she gets the job over me it's simply seniority, because frankly, I'm far more qualified. It'll piss me off, no doubt, but if she does get it, I want her job as secretary. Problem being, I can't tell anyone she's looking for another job because, well, just because I said I wouldn't (altho I'm sure I will tell my Homies come Friday in the private sanctity of our employee lounge). I'd love to go to Jm and say "Dude, Chris is looking to quit and I want her job." But goddamn me and my morality. *sigh* I'm taking the high road this round. Not because it's the right thing to do, but because if it got back to Chick that I told it just wouldn't look good.

As for an update on my wisdom teeth. It hurts. It hurts like all hell. Still. I go back to the oral surgeon on Friday. I had my Lortab refilled this afternoon and I was hoping not to have to. It knocks me on my ass, which is great if I have nothing else I have to do but sit on my ass. Tomorrow's my day off, thank god.

In the time span of my thirty minute lunch I lost track of what day it was twice in conversation. So I apologize if this post doesn't make much sense and blame it on the drugs. And they are good damn drugs.

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