Long Ass 'Surviving the Wisdom Teeth' Post

I wasn't sure I was going to. First of all I went in to x-rays that told me there was still tissue around the two lower wisdom teeth. They have me watch a short movie on wisdom teeth which tell me quite often that "there are risks to every surgery" including death etc. which does nothing to help my morale. We get in there and Doc tells me I have the beginning of a cavity on one wisdom tooth and the beginning of gum disease back there and these teeth definitely need to come out - if not now then later for sure and to get it over with.

The Nitrous Oxide was a disappointment. Sorry folks. It smelled sweet which made me a bit nauseous with all my nerves and everything and when they started giving me shots I remember thinking "oh yeah, I'm on laughing gas". My arms and legs were a bit heavy, a bit tingly, but it did nothing to calm me down. Ok, maybe that's not entirely true because I have nothing to compare to, it could have been absolutely the worst experience of my life without. But it didn't feel like it did much, the entire time. The air hose the assistant had, when the air hit my lips it felt like I was being sandblasted. I attribute that to the gas.

The shots stung a little, especially in the roof of my mouth, but nothing unbearable. They gave those awhile to work while he went to drill another yap. By this time I was having tremors, combination of cold, nerves, and N2O I'd imagine.

They came back, started pushing around in there, went for the top right tooth, a little pressure, a popping noise, and he said "there's one!" He went to the bottom right, stuck a tooth spacer (I believe is what he called it) in so I couldn't close my mouth, said "I'm not sure I can grab that one", pushed, pulled and twisted, said "that's a little tender isn't it?" When I nodded he said "we can fix that" and jabbed me with another two shots. My jaws already felt 10 times normal size and I couldn't tell if my mouth was open or closed. Back to twisting and pulling and pushing and all the other horrible motions that are terrible to see someone performing inside your mouth. It loosened but wouldn't come out. He broke out the drill. After breaking the tooth up he was able to get it out with another popping noise and me almost losing it.

The upper right was about as easy as the left upper. Same noise, but I'm of course, unable to feel much of anything but pressure. The bottom was also about the same, more shots, the drill, but he finally got it out. I don't remember much at all of what he said even though he was talking to me the whole time and the nurse (god bless her) kept holding my hand and rubbing my arm. She knew I was pretty well freaked. The noise was the worst.

I know I have stitches in the bottom two, dissolvable I believe, but I can't remember for sure. I think I have stitches in the top right too, but again, I'm entirely not certain. I go back friday for a follow-up.

Mom and I go to the hospital to fill my prescription, are told it'd be about 15 minutes so we go visit Boss Dude, who of course, laughs at me. I've never felt anything like it. My mouth is numb of course, but so is my right ear, both cheekbones, my left browbone and left side of my nose, tongue and I'll be damned if my throat wasn't numb too. Was really hard to swallow.

So what does my dumb ass suggest? I want to go to Walmart to buy a blender (after my last one died as I mentioned before) because after all I feel pretty fine, all numb and shit. We get there and begin shopping. We're about half way through when I start to taste blood. I take the paper towel off the icepack I've been holding on my face and sure enough, my mouth is full of blood. The gauze is supposed to be changed every 20-30 minutes till the bleeding stopped, and it'd been about 20. I grab Mom's keys, tell her to continue shopping and I'd be back, and made a mad dash for the van, throw open the door to find that I have blood running down my chin. I of course can't feel this, but Mom said I wasn't drooling blood when I was inside, she could just see it on my teeth when I spoke. I changed the gauze, cleaned up the blood best I could and went back inside. Mom picked out a blender that handles ice and tells me she's ready to go. Thank god because this gauze is filling up fast.

We get to my house where I change the gauze again - I did this every 20-30 minutes for the next 4 hours. I expected blood, but there was so much. When the numbness started to wear off I opened the liquid Lortab I got and took the 3 teaspoons. Now see, I hadn't eaten or drank anything at all since Thursday evening at about 6 p.m. Partly due to stress but also because if they decided to knock me clear out I couldn't eat. Sure enough, the Lortab made me nauseous. Really nauseous, dizziness, hot/cold flashes, fuck it was terrible. I never threw up though which I'm sure would have caused unbearable agony. My mouth hurt like all hell, my jaws, my ears, my head, and it didn't feel like the lortab did a damn thing but make me sick. Like the blood, I expected pain, but nothing like this. I ate a little strawberry yogurt to try to counteract the nausea and it seemed to work. Two doses of lortab later though, I still hurt like hell. Finally Rydar and I started to watch Flight Plan which took my mind off of it a bit and I was able to sleep after that. Off and on all night I woke up to take the drugs, once with my pillow covered in blood. The pain worse when I was up and moving around. At 6 this morning I felt a little better and ate a little of the strawberry milkshake (with a spoon of course) Rydar brought me. Back to sleep. Up again at 8 this morning, more milkshake, more lortab and here I am. I'm starting to hurt more by the minute, but at least now the drugs seem to be keeping it bearable, and I can take more in a little under an hour. So long as I don't have to chew and whatever I eat or drink doesn't touch the sides of my mouth, I'm ok.

All I wanted to do last night was drink, I was so thirsty, but even water made the pain bad. My suggestion to anyone getting this done - If you have any form of anxiety issues, have them knock you out. Don't bother with the Nitrous Oxide. I was really freaked out the whole time. Not much pain, alot of pressure and horrible noises, but I didn't feel remotely relaxed.

There you have it all. I left out some of the more gory details. You're welcome.


Noi Rocker said...

Hey thanks for the comment! It was a close fight but you know in BOTB sometimes we win and sometimes we lose so its no big deal.

Thank you for bidding at my site. Please bid again next week as I give priority to those who had bid multiple times.

Keep rocking!

niteowl said...

Who needs horror movies when we have posts like this? Eww. Hope you feel better though.

tj metal said...

Glad to hear it's all over and your well.....

take care

Vixen said...

Thanks you two. I kid not, the blood volume flowing from my yap rivaled the goriest cheesy horror I've seen in a long damn time. It was an experience. Not a good one of course, but an experience.