Lost: My Happy Place

I've had Earthlink dialup since '02. By the time they offered high speed in my area I wasn't using the computer enough to hassle with Earthlink to switch. (If any of you have Earthlink, you know exactly what I mean.) Anyway, I decided a couple months ago to give it a shot. They sent me the equipment and all, and Rydar set it all up. The problem was we couldn't get it to connect. He called the 1-800-shitdont-work number and got a "technician" who clearly didn't know a damn thing. I previously bitched about this in more detail here and here. A few days ago (ok, about a month) I was sent a bill wanting the $149.99 that was charged for terminating my account early. Now, in the paperwork that came with the high speed bits it said that I had 30 days to cancel the service from the beginning date for no charge but shipping. The guy I spoke to on the phone back then assured me this was the way it was going to be done. Ha. I should have known. So they want $149.99 for terminating the account, another however much for the shipping, and the usual $21.95 monthly fee for the dialup which I told the fuckers I was going to keep. Now for the past 4 years it's been automatically deducted from my account and I told them when I cancelled the high speed shit that I wanted my old plan back exactly as it was, and was assured it would be done.

Now, every time I turn on the computer I'm sent to the Eartlink homepage telling me something is fucked up with my account - that my payment is overdue. They have stopped the automatic withdrawal and are insisting I owe $199.99 for the charges, including my dialup. They give the options to "pay now", "pay later", or "payment already sent". For the past two internet episodes, I've chosen that my payment's already sent. Today I tried the "pay now" option and was taken to a page where they're insisting I owe the $200. I have 30 days from the bill date to dispute any charges and I have two days left (I'm horrible about laying bills on the table and forgetting them). Good thing Mom found it before the 30 days was up.

So I'm going to call them shortly and argue with a habeeb, demand an english speaking operator, argue some more with the habeeb, tell them to take the entire thing and shove it, demand an english speaking operator, and argue with the habeeb some more about not cancelling my account. I swear to fuck, if any of you have earthlink, you'll be fine until you try to cancel it. It's worse than calling the phone company. They argue with you about your account and insist you speak to a "master tech" who doesn't know shit, before you cancel your account. Even if by some miracle you get it through to them you want it cancelled, it won't be and you'll receive a bill for a dozen times the amount you really owe. Trust me, Earthlink has got to be one of the worst to deal with.

So if I'm not around for a bit, this is why: I told them to shut the shit off because I wasn't paying $200 for their fuckup and they called my "cancel the charges or shut me off" bluff and have cancelled my account.


Miz BoheMia said...

I feel for you! I really do... we have been through hell with 3 different internet companies here in Spain... when we asked to speak to a manager they said it was against company policy to do so...

... and that's just the tip of the iceberg so I'll spare you. Just believe me when I tell you I feel for you! Good luck with it all!

Dave said...

I use my cable company for internet access using the high speed cable modem. the cable company we use is very reliable for the most part if helping us fix problems we've had. Which hasn't been too much.

I used to have dial up and the telephone company sucked. At one point we'd connect and 30 seconds later we disconnected, again and again.

Vixen said...

I don't have cable! Yeah, I'm deprived I know.

I hate internet companies, it's always a policy to be assholes.

I'm successfully procrastinating calling the rat bastards.

JDV said...

Good luck with Earthlink. I think everyone that works there is deaf. They can not comprehend the phrase "cancel my service". Moving doesn't help either, I finally had to cancel a credit card to get those bastards to stop charging me.

The little handicap symbol beside the word authentication thing makes me laugh uncontrollably.