I did end up adding to my sidebar a section of 'Choice Posties' which includes the Denied List because I was denied by another FIVE (5) blogs just this afternoon. It is truly a good thing I remain insensitive. I'm a real glutton for punishment too, and the fact that I started another battle of the blogs when my ratio is 18-32 losses proves it.

And as I said before, it's time to choose another roomie for the next week. This choice was as tough if not more so than the other decisions I've made.

I have chosen Across the Sands due to the visually impressive nature of this blog (and the fact that it says "- Contains partial Profanity" in the BE description. - Fuck it's about time!) I haven't had time to read much yet but I definitely will be, since what I have read is simply hilarious. Welcome to the 'Desert Madman, Gobi Lunatic, wasteland wanderer, K.J. LaBrone Howard, poet, writer, artist, husband, father, and "part-time" philosopher' The SunKingpoet.

So in the spirit of the day that has so many quaking in terror:
"Satan represents the ultimate achievement of self development. When you hail Satan, you are hailing what you are aiming at, when you Hail yourself, you are hailing the current you."

Hail Satan! ...And all that happy shit.

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