Yap Pain

Yeah. And lots of it. I grabbed a penlight today to stick in my mouth to check things out. I'll spare you.

Have you folks been visiting my renter? I'm not sure how much time The Chronicles have left in my sidebar because goddamned BE won't load, so get over there and check him out. Chop chop!

P.S. I watched quite a few movies over the past weekend and altho I'm not about to attempt review because I'm really kind of tired, I will rate them for your curiosity satisfaction.

1. 16 Blocks - 2 1/2 stars (out of 5)
2. Fun with Dick and Jane - 3 stars
3. The Fog - Negative 2 stars (seriously, this one really bit ass)
4. The Hills have Eyes - 2 stars (it deserves stars only because I made it thru the whole thing)
5. Dark Water - 1 star
6. Flight Plan - 4 stars

Tonight I'm going to attempt to watch Wolf Creek (lortab willing)


Luka said...

welcome to your rental! :-)

Bluepanther said...

Hey nice blog you have here. Pain in the teeth is the worst kind to have. Maybe it is because of the close proximity of the tooth and the brain.