As Seen in the Rearview

I've seen some off the wall shit just by looking in my mirrors. Today - a fat chick in a black PT Cruiser stopped at the light right behind me. People in all their shameless idiocy, fascinate me. She tilted her head back and proceeded to pick at something on her neck. She went to the extent of holding her chin up with her other hand for either easier access or a clearer view. This is at rush hour, at a stop light. I sat there watching her so long I didn't even realize the light had turned green and I had become one of those fuckers I hate that sit at green lights holding up traffic. She was probably grateful though, it gave her time to figure out all the new distorted ways to twist her neck.

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NiteRydar said...

If I only had a camera for some of the shit I have seen behind me while driving or in the car in front, i would make a ton.