I Rented to a Mommy Blog

So I'm wandering around my Renter's blog when I come across the title: Do You SWOP? I stop. And I wonder. Finally I read on because I realize I have no clue what SWOP means. I access the deep recesses of my brain. Yeah, I'm sure I have SWOP-ed, once or twice or ten times. I think it depends on my partner if I find it uncomfortable or not. Their reaction would be the ultimate decision. On my end though, it doesn't bother me at all. In fact, due to the hormonal overload and my usually feeling like I've main lined spanish fly, I'd say there are few better times. So go read her post and let her know whether you SWOP or not.

Anyway, can you believe it? I rented to a Mommy blog! And I even did so on purpose. Go check out Jack's Raging Mommy. Because if I can dig it, so can you.

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