The Mouse

I don't recall if I bitched about the rodent I had in my house. But I wanted to document that last night, after many nights of the dog keeping me awake chasing a mouse that the traps couldn't catch, the Dingo caught the mouse. Oh yes. At midnight he woke me up bouncing around under my diningroom table. I got up without turning on the lights, told him to shut up, vaguely saw something under the table, flipped the switch and sure enough, the mouse. Dingo was picking it up and swinging it around, dropping it and catching it, obviously great fun for him. I grabbed a container to put it in (it was dead by now) and the dog grabbed it by the tail, tossed it in the air, caught it and ran off, refusing to give it to me! I chased him around the table at midnight trying to get a dead fucking mouse out of his yap. Finally I threw a couple biscuits in the bedroom and he ran to get them getting only halfway there before turning around to dart back at me - he knew what I was doing. Fortunately, by that time I had gotten the mouse, slammed the lid on, and was heading to the trash can. I think Dingo's still mad at me.

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tj metal said...

big mean mommy took the cute playtoy away from the Dingo....haha

I swear that must've been such a sight to see.

At least you now have him (the mouse) out of the house.