New Low

Here's where I'm at this evening: At home, in front of the computer with some very very shitty movie previews running to my left. I have three cheesy horror movies to watch and I don't usually watch them alone because, because well, I'm a weenie. This one ditched me because he's being a sensitive whiney little shit tonight and this one broke his computer last night and hasn't managed to fix it, and - is too stubborn to just call.

Now there's probably a thousand places I could get in my car and go but in the city I live in about 995 of those places reside in wheat fields. Fascinating huh? The other five are trashy bars. Now don't get me wrong I love trashy bars, but I'm really not in the mood to get floor licking drunk nor to fuck a stranger whose name I would undoubtely not want to remember in the morning. Another thing I don't want to do is sit here and watch Do You Like Hitchcock? which exactly 13:38 into the movie is already full of bad acting, retarded accents, and a seriously dorky looking main character. And Chinese food. Not part of the movie, no, but cold chinese food I got this afternoon. It wasn't cold when I got it of course, but christ.. A shitty movie, cold chinese food, by myself, and oh wait, this movie has plenty of lesbian innuendo. Sounds good huh? No, actually it doesn't. If I wanted more lesbian innuendo I'd rewatch Prey for Rock & Roll because at least then it's Gina Gershon. She just makes everything right.

So anyway, this is one of those Saturday night, dateless girl, entire quart of ice cream settings. I haven't had a set up like this in quite awhile, so I think I'll (and my two cheesy horror movies - because this one's been vetoed) enjoy it. Right.


NiteRydar said...

yeah well I posted right back to ya, you will just have to go and read it. LOL

...That Bitchy Chick said...

I came here via Jess' blog and just wanted to say that I love your place here. I'll be back to read again!