Second Round

Once again welcome my current tenant Luin, from Faerytale Dreams... From the Palace of Exile. Last time Luin was here her blog received 8 unique clicks. Surely we can do better than that this time around, yes? So get on over there and don't disappoint me.

PS: I read a post over there discussing the prices of blog rentals and the unimpressive hits. Don't you folks dare disappoint me.


NiteRydar said...

Well she got a click on my part, so far looks interesting will read more tomorrow.

Luin said...

Vixen, I love you far too much to ever care about clicks. Rental space on this page? Worth it at any cost.

Vixen said...

There's no need to rent - you're linked in my sidebar. The flattery makes me tingly though and that'll get you absolutely anywhere ;)