Sharing the Misery

I have nothing earth-shattering to add today. C's funeral went alright. They played songs like "If Tomorrow Never Comes" and "One More Day" and all was well until her daughter stood up to speak. It was rough. Open casket but I didn't go up there. I was told it looked nothing like her, the makeup was far too dark and C never wore makeup. Was there to cover the bruising I'd imagine. I was also told that C "looked uncomfortable". Her husband was released from the hospital the day before her funeral. I believe I said before he had a fractured pelvis - turns out it was worse than that. He had a separated pelvis. A three inch gap that they filled with a metal plate. I can't even begin to imagine. He'll be in a wheelchair for a minimum of 6 months.

This was the first funeral I've ever attended. It has made me doubt my own ability to handle a tragedy even closer to home.

Anyway, I watched Show Me yesterday. It wasn't too bad, although it was one of those there's a moral to this story type of movies. I think I'm about to go watch Blair Witch 2. I haven't seen it in a long time. I found it far creepier than the first one.

I enrolled in three classes beginning on the 21st and I'm considering taking two or three more beginning in September. I'm wanting to get the health info thing finished so I can move on to something else. It'll help with my current job, but I want more.

Maybe I mentioned that I moved in here last November but had still yet to completely unpack. Yeah, it's true. I spent all day yesterday working on the house. Still not finished but it looks alot better than it did. That is what I should be doing now, in fact.

Instead, I'm going to go sit on my ass and watch Blair Witch 2.

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