TheWatchList @ Blogspot: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

TheWatchList @ Blogspot: If You Give A Mouse A Cookie - Grocery List From Hell

It's nice to see I'm not the only one that's been plagued by the rodent. I do think glue traps are pretty inhumane but I contribute this mostly to the fact that I caught a cute little spider on one and it made me really sad. I did switch to these D-Con Traps which as you can tell are certainly more humane. It's always more humane to have something slam shut on your head than to get forever stuck to something. Especially if it's not your head the bar gets slammed shut on. What if it was your tail? One or two of your legs? You nose? Sucks, I'm sure. Anyway, I've caught a couple mice periodically on the glue traps but as soon as I put these new D-Con traps down in my house, I caught two little fuckin' rodents in as many days. I had no idea I had more than one mouse in here and these two were after the one my Dingo got ahold of.
Mice just completely disgust me. I didn't feel that way at first, but after realizing I've had five in the year I've lived here I don't care how they die anymore, just so long as they do.


theWatchList said...

The glue traps (baited with bits of peanut butter and cheese crackers) drew out the mice fairly quick for me. I got those because I am cheap. (four glue traps for less than $2.00)

Last time I closely examined the traps I think I only noticed one spidy man.

NiteRydar said...

Its about time he started keeping up on his part, its not like hes paying rent or anything.