5lb. Burrito

My Mother and Nite Rydar took a min-pin puppy to a rescue this afternoon. While they were there they stopped at Chipotle Grill. Whose bright idea this was I'll never know but they came back to my house carrying a bag with three burritoes in it. The bag had to weigh 15 pounds. Oh it was good, don't get me wrong. But who makes burritoes in extra massive jumbo size? It wasn't even burrito shaped, it was like a huge tortilla wrapped, foil covered, lump. And I was scared.

I give Chipotle Grill an A. Would be an A+ if not for the nausea inducing size. And if my poor stomach can ever digest the partial burrito it consumed and I once again feel remotely healthy - I may even bump this rating up to that A+. Until then...

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NiteRydar said...

yeah but damn thats an awesome burrito and healthy to boot.