As You See...

I'm back, and with a new template. Now this template is based on the *old* version of blogger even though I've updated to that Beta shit. I despise the Beta shit. Maybe it's just too complicated for me, that very well could be it. Some of the links in my sidebar are undoubtedly broken - no need to tell me, I'll get to it eventually.

So anyway, where have I been? Oh I've been around. Sometime I'll tell you all about it, but not right now. The important thing is that I came back as I know I was horribly missed, right? Right??

My sidebars are a bit of a mess, I agree, but switching to the new template was difficult enough for me in one sitting so everything will have to wait to be tweaked to meet my highest expectations.

A quick update: My living arrangements are still the same. My work arrangements are not. I went from my "promoted" QM department
of 6 months back to EVS (housekeeping in laymans terms). It was kind of a mutual agreement. I didn't like the bitches I worked with, and they didn't like me. It was best for all of us, me especially since when I left I left them a mess. The idiots decided they wanted to change the way everything was done when we had six weeks left before the end of the 3rd quarter. This is precisely when I left. I have been having various interviews for various new positions (and have aced them btw) but right now I'm not sure I'm interested in switching departments again. I'm finding EVS to be blissfully stress-free and even entertaining at the moment. Last time I tried to avoid the gossip; this time I'm embracing it full force. It's cheap, harmless entertainment. Minus the "harmless". These women are still brutal, jealous, raving bitches. I won't sink to their level of spreading the bullshit, but I certainly am willing to listen.

I'm fulltime this semester with six classes and 12 credit hours. I staggered the start dates as best I could though so as not to be hit with all six at once. Health Record App II, Law and the Legal Assistant, and Principles of Supervision are the ones that have started already. So far I'm caught up after I take an open book quiz this evening. Maybe, I'll even stay that way.

You ask why I changed this blog's name? Well, basically it's because it dawned on me recently that if I looked back, I'd see a lot of areas I would change if I could. I can't, of course, and the past made me who I am now so I probably shouldn't even if I could. I most likely won't be writing about shoulda coulda woulda bullshit because that's pretty boring and pointless. The Rear View offers for great insight though, and I hope to apply the insight to my future.

I promise no great fascinations or even regular posts. But I do promise very few reruns.

So I am back, and here it is, As Seen in the Rear View, come back to me, read me, and most importantly enjoy me.

All My Best,


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