Anger Prone

I'm not particularly easy to piss off bad enough to rip someone's head off. Sometimes I'll get annoyed, snap at someone or they'll snap at me and I'll snap back, we'll go our separate ways and all is fine upon the next meeting. But not always. When I do actually get mad I tend to be more sarcastic (I'm sarcastic anyway, but not hatefully so) than anything. I don't scream much, very rarely raise my voice. When I do get that angry though, well, just duck and cover.

So I'm at work today and all is going as usual: boring, slow, and boring. While I'm working the Psych ward I carry a phone because there's usually not much to do over there and they always want me to go everywhere else. Anyway, I hate carrying a phone, and they always insist you have it on you at all times. The first time I worked in housekeeping I accidentally dropped the damned thing in the toilet out of my pocket (scrub pockets aren't very useful). You'd think they wouldn't want us carrying them constantly anymore, but they still do. Our phones can't be clipped to clothing or waistbands or anything, they're simply loose. Sometimes I forget to even turn the phone on, if it's on I sometimes forget to carry it. If I remember to turn it on and have it on me, I will still leave it on my cart when I visit the Little Girl's Room. I have a personal aversion to taking a phone into the bathroom. Bathroom time is private time. Bottom line.

To make this long story as short as possible - which may still be pretty long - I'll just say that Toadie and I (click here for a short description of Toadie) didn't have a working relationship today. She's set to retire, with this coming Friday as her last day. Mind you, we've had no serious conflicts up until now, and I don't have a real problem with her. Today I did the Psych ward as I have all week. My hours are 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. A little before 3:00, Toadie asked me to help with a stat checkout in the cancer wing. Ok, I said and over there I went to help Shamu (a short description also at above link). When it was time to fetch linens I headed to holding to find that there were no spreads. I walked back out, ran into Toadie, told her I was heading to 5th floor (we were on 3rd) to get a spread because we had none. She responded with "we still don't have any? I called them two hours ago!" I shrugged and headed upstairs.

Around 4:00 I left my cart in the hallway, went to the two holdings to grab last minute trash, then went to the bathroom. When I came out of the bathroom I heard a page overhead calling me and telling me to dial the EVS extension. I went back to my cart where I had left the phone and it wasn't there. I searched everywhere trying to remember where I had left the damn thing. Finally I called my number, second shift answered and I asked if she took the phone off my cart. She said no that Toadie gave it to her. I said that I was just afraid I had lost it and thank you, then hung up. It's now about 4:15. I put my cart up (which takes a little longer than most wings because the Psych ward is locked), gathered my things, and headed down the elevator. No sooner had the doors begun to close when I heard my name on the intercom again. When I got to the office, Toadie asked me to come into Jm's office. I told her just a second, signed out (different than clocking out) and went into his office. We closed the door and she began telling me that she had "been looking for me for the past 30 minutes, and had paged me 5 or 6 times". Uh-huh? I said "um, no, you paged me twice and I was on my way down here". Then she started in on "you need to tell the leads when you leave the floor you're scheduled on". I just looked at her, I had no idea what she was talking about as I was scheduled for 3rd floor, which is where I was at all day. She said that she had been told that I was "on 5th floor". I tore her head off. Yeah, it surprised me too. I said "you knew I was on 5th floor when you sent me over to help Shamu with a stat checkout at 3 o'clock and there were no linens on 3rd! You knew I was going to 5th floor when I came out of holding saying there were no spreads in there! You knew I was going to FIFTH floor when I TOLD you I was going to FIFTH FLOOR to get linens since there weren't any on 3rd floor! And I know you knew that I was going to FIFTH FLOOR for LINENS because YOU said that you had called them two hours ago and they STILL hadn't stocked linens on our floor!"

Toadie was starting to look a little flustered. She sputtered a moment then said "I paged you several times!"

Again I said, "no, you paged me TWICE, I was on my way down HERE when you did so, and I would have called you back the FIRST time if you hadn't taken the phone off my cart without telling me."

"You're supposed to keep your phone ON you at all times," she snapped back.

"I don't take the phone into the damned bathroom with me, it was after four o'clock, I was getting ready to come downstairs, and all of this could have been done so much quicker if I hadn't spent god-only-knows how long searching for the phone that YOU took off my cart without telling me."

Toadie got a slimy grin and said "but it's supposed to be with you all the time..."

"Had it been with me you wouldn't have been able to take it off my cart without telling me, and that STILL wouldn't have helped you figure out where I was the past 30 minutes that you were allegedly searching high and low for me."

She started to mutter something else. I checked my watch, rolled my eyes, sighed, said "whatever", threw open the door, walked out, slammed the door, threw my keys (we leave wing keys every night) on the shelf that holds the keys, glanced back into Jm's office to see him looking a little stunned, clocked out and stormed out to my car where I proceeded to call a coworker to bitch a bit. Then, home I came.

And here I am.

She's simply trying to make people miserable enough before she retires to hold her over forever.

Unfortunately for her, spreading misery is my forte.

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