Damn, Damn, Damn

I hate Thursdays. No, "hate" isn't a strong enough word. If they abolished Thursdays from the calendar I'd be thrilled. Thursday is an evil, nasty day. Everything bad that's ever happened to me happened on a Thursday. Note:

*A Public Intoxication charge when I was 18
*A pretty bad car accident 2 days after I turned 21 (yes, I was sober)
*A DUI when I was 22
*Another car accident when I was 26
*A medical diagnosis six months ago
*A follow up to that diagnosis two weeks later
*Another follow up a month later
*One of my dogs rupturing a cruciate a couple months ago
*And now yesterday, my boss, Jm's, contract is up with the hospital and he'll be leaving us (due to a non-compete clause) at the end of March. Probably leaving the state.

And those are just the ones I can recall since more minor things probably went unnoticed and anything before I realized Thursdays were evil wasn't acknowledged as being Thursday related. I'm not crazy - it's a pattern that simply cannot be ignored or denied.

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