Forgotten Dreams

I don't usually dream much. Ok, so after I got my first attunement (2/3) I began dreaming at night. The first night was about witches, crystals, narrow passages, altars, and guards. I hid an unconscious witch on an altar surrounded by crystals from these men that were trying to kill her. The only way to get to this witch was to crawl through this narrow passage on your stomach. It was really weird and very intricate although I can't remember much now but the basics. Anyway, my weapon was a small dagger like I used to have when I was a teenager.

I don't remember the others, but there were dreams every night, all weird as the first one.

Last night was the same way, I barely remember any but the basics. My uncle borrowed my digital camera to take pictures of something though. I remember scanning the pictures I have on the camera that I haven't uploaded yet to make sure everything was acceptable for his viewing.

I'm going to start writing my dreams down though. These were probably the most interesting ones I've ever had, I hate that I forgot them.

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