Ok, So I Didn't..

"Talk later" that is. Welcome my newest tenant Jestertunes. Well?

I have turned into one of those people that I hate - the type that drives while on the cell phone. I hate those people, seriously. And I still do, nevermind the fact that I do it too now. But I didn't just admit that, did I? Anyway, text messaging seems to be the "In" thing this evening. I've already gotten 16 texts since I got out of the shower - 23 minutes ago. Now, I didn't get the unlimited text messaging because I find it easier and more efficient to just call, but everyone at work just texts it appears. Unlimited is $5 per month - and without it, every message is 10 cents. The speed at which these things are racking up, perhaps I should reconsider, eh?

Other than that, I have nothing.. No, 'fraid not. Nothing at all.

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Jester said...

thanks for the shout out and for letting me crash on your couch for the week. :)