Reiki for Your... Car??

True story. My Reiki Teacher (Master) told me a story today about her car making horrible noises and she used Reiki to calm it until she got home where her husband popped the hood to see a belt hanging on literally only by a thread. Now the irony of the situation is this: I talked to Rydar this morning and asked him if I weren't to be home by 6 p.m. would he come looking for me (we were 45 minutes out of town).. I don't remember his answer but it had to be similar to a yes or I'd have hung up on him. We (Mom and I) left Teacher's house shortly after 3 p.m., headed back to town when this absolutely horrible noise started coming from Mom's van. Pulling over immediately, we originally believed it to be a tire blow out. Wrong. A quick inspection of the tires proved that was not the case. Now, my Mom's a spaz. Strangely enough, she was driving because I was studying for a test or I'd have been driving instead. She's freaking out as usual because after she pulled over and shut off the van (due to a "tire blow out") the van wouldn't start (duh).

We get out and walk to the nearest house. Mind you, this is BFE Kansas full of wheat fields and flat lands and, well, and snow. Everywhere. The nearest house is about half a mile to 2/3rds of a mile away. We get there - there's no answer. We walk back. She's panicking as we're over 15 miles away from town, it's about an hour and a half away from getting dark, and we're parked on the edge of the highway where semi trucks are flying by rocking the van. Fun times.

A Dodge Durango stops behind us. A girl that couldn't have been over 25 gets out wearing shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt and says "are you guys ok??" Mom and I talk to her briefly and she agrees to call McCurdy Wrecking Service as soon as she hits town. Nobody has a cell phone. In the meantime, Mom gets out and decides to walk to the next closest house that can barely be seen from the highway. I gently decline to join her, sick of her hysteria, and remain in the van to continue reading my chapter for the test. A jeep pulls up in front of me. A man in his early 30's and his son step out. The man offers me a ride saying "I'll glady give you a ride but it'll be a cold one" since the jeep of course, is topless. Did I mention it's February here? Oh? It's February there too? Then you understand just how fucking cold it is, yes?

I say no thanks to the ride and he tells me to open the hood. I do so. He looks around for a few minutes to find a splintered piece of plastic as it fell to the ground under the van. Seems from his opinion that something broke plastic off the manifold (manifold? Plastic? Huh?? Whatever, I'm no mechanic) which in turn snapped the timing belt. Or something like that. While I was talking to this guy my Mom returns in the passenger seat of the very nice woman that was at the house she walked to. Mom had called McKenzie's Wrecking Service to tow her van and called to cancel the truck from McCurdy. We wait in the van. It's colder. We wait until it feels like my toes are missing and I can no longer turn my book pages because my fingers are numb. Nobody comes, and it's now almost 6 p.m.

Mom gets out and heads back to the house. The wrecker pulls up. I get out of the van; by now shivering uncontrollably and undoubtedly blue-tinged to talk to the man who tells me to get in his truck I "don't look so good". Who am I to argue? I've never wanted to hug someone so badly in my life.

The same woman bring my Mom back. She briefly talks to the wrecker guy then gets in his truck beside me. Not long after the van's loaded up and we're ready to go. He tells us horror stories about towing cars and the lunatics he encounters all the way back to town where we drop off the van at the dealership and head to my house. Dear (inconsiderate) sweet (hateful) wonderful (hahaha) Rydar (asshole) is at my house doing nothing else but watching - you guessed it - the fucking superbowl. At 6:35. You'll notice that 6:35 is 35 minutes after the offhanded time I gave him when asking if he'd come looking for me if I wasn't back by. Mhmm.

The wrecker driver though, is at the very top of my list at the moment. I think I love him.

No, no, I know I do.

The really weird thing about all of this is that Mom had called to cancel McCurdy when she called McKenzie's to come tow us. It was McCurdy that picked us up. McKenzie's never showed.

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